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The "Fake Referee" Streaker Fooled Everyone & Sparked a Brawl

I think I speak for every sports fan when I say we all love a good, fun streaker. They can add some much-needed excitement to a snoozer of a game, like the Super Bowl streaker who donned a pink thong and spiced up Tom Brady's win over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Creativity knows no boundaries when it's time to rush the field for these daredevils. The "Kissing Bandit" used to run on to baseball field's and kiss MLB's best players. Another cheeky streaker had an escape plan that even featured a getaway car.

When the UCLA Bruins and Arizona Wildcats played each other back in 2011, fans at Arizona Stadium were treated to a streaker who hilariously disguised himself as a referee before stripping to his underwear.

The "fake referee" streaker even sparked a fight before halftime.

The "Fake Referee" Streaker

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Jace Lankow is our streaker's name, and somehow no one noticed him make his way on to the field behind the Arizona bench. He takes off a shirt, throws on a black cap and unveils his referee outfit.

Lankow then books it for the field, where he whistles a play dead and tries to get another referee to give him the ball. Everyone looks confused as to who this mystery ref is. When one figures out he's a fan from the stands, Lankow takes off with some naughty intentions.

Sprinting toward the end zone, Lankow rips off his shorts and then his black-and-white-striped shirt, revealing nothing but some tight underwear. He gets blindsided by a security guard and his incredible run concludes.

The madness didn't stop there.

A fight broke out on the field between players immediately after the streaker pulled off his hijinks. One dude gets body slammed to the ground. Arizona's Shaquille Richardson and UCLA's Taylor Embree were both ejected after it.

In all, 10 players were suspended following the brawl.

Here's a full video of the streaker from the view in the stands below:

What Happened To The Ref Streaker?

The 23-year-old senior University of Arizona student faced expulsion was charged with criminal impersonation (of a Pac-12 referee, I suppose?), which is a class 6 felony, and faced a year and a half in prison, according to The Arizona Republic.

That seems way too excessive by Tucson police considering most streakers end up paying a small fine and spend a night in jail. He wasn't even naked!

However, that was likely reduced to a misdemeanor considering his non-criminal record.

Why Did He Do It?

Screenshot from YouTube, thanks to some poor editing.

Lankow reportedly stripped down to the speedo for a game show.

"Lankow told officers he is applying to be a contestant on the TV show 'Wipeout,' according to a police report. His antics were inspired by a question on the application that asks 'What's the craziest thing you've ever done?'" wrote.

I'd say this was pretty crazy. And clever, too.

It also sounded way too easy for Lankow. He told officers that he was able to get on to the field using a fake field pass he crafted. He told them he was a former student volunteer for the football team back in 2006 and made it using the expired pass he already had.

While Lankow did apologize afterward, he said he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"Oh yeah, definitely, no regrets! That's just how I live my life. But now that I'm faced with all of this, I really think I would think long and hard about exactly what I'm getting myself into," Lankow told Inside Edition.

According to his Facebook profile and online payroll records, Jace Lankow now works as a wildlife biologist at the University of Arizona. I guess the school forgave him after all.

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