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Caroline Wozniacki Bared It All for ESPN Photoshoot


Danish professional tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is one of the most renowned tennis stars of all time. The former world No. 1 won her first ever WTA title at the age of 18, placing first in the Nordic Light Open in Stockholm, Sweden.

Across her career, Wozniacki boasts 30 singles titles on the WTA tour and has wins at the 2018 Australian Open, as well as the 2017 Tour Finals and multiple deep runs in at Wimbledon.

However, perhaps the boldest move of her career was the celeb's participation in the ninth edition of ESPN's The Body Issue.

Caroline Wozniacki Went Topless for ESPN's "The Body Issue"

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Wozniacki showcased her powerful body and physique in the series of pics for ESPN, in efforts to inspire confidence in how women feel about their body.

She was joined by the likes of swimmer Nathan Adrian, MLB pitcher Jake Arrieta, NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown, surfer Courtney Cologne, and many more for the 2017 edition, of which she was the cover athlete.

Wozniacki, who carried a tennis racket in her set of photos, including some which were shot underwater, admitted she received some criticism for her involvement in the photoshoot.


Backlash Faced for Posing Nude

In an interview with Carly Ledbetter of, Wozniacki described some of the backlash she's received from haters as a result of her photoshoots.

"I think I've heard a bit of everything from people. Focus on your sport, you know ? train harder, you do too many shoots, you think too much about your looks. But people don't know how much effort and work we put into this."

Wozniacki knows how difficult it is to maintain her physique, so she tends to ignore the haters who cry foul at the sight of photos of nude celebrities.

The 2017 Body Issue wasn't the first time fans got a glimpse of Caroline Wozniacki naked, or close to it. She's featured in various editions of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, during which she's posing on the beach in bodypaint or a swimsuit, including a 2015 issue which featured Caroline Wozniacki and Ronda Rousey.

Wozniacki's goal with these photos is to inspire body positivity, and also discusses how to stay at the top of her game, her body needs to be right, whether that be bulking up or slimming down. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve a strong balance as she has throughout her career.


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