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WATCH: Clever Woman Gets Free Boxing Lesson From Floyd Mayweather Sr.


At one point or another, every sports fan has wanted to be a professional athlete. Whether it's to shine in a big game or make the big bucks, the dream has lived in us all. But while the vast majority of people will never make it to the biggest stage, that's not stopping one woman from picking up some free tips.

Forget paying an absurd amount for lessons. Sometimes all you need is some sort of gym membership to get free tips from the pros. This lady proved anything is possible when she was captured stealing boxing moves from a Floyd Mayweather Sr. private lesson.

WARNING: Don't take a drink of water before watching this video.

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If there is a way to save money, this woman has perfected it. Floyd Sr., a welterweight boxer from 1974-1990 and the father of undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather, spends most of his time these days training other fighters for bouts. There's no way the lessons can be cheap. Unless you are the clever woman in the back of this video.

Over the years, Mayweather has worked with boxing champions such as his son, Chad Dawson, Joan Guzman, Laila Ali and Oscar De La Hoya. He has even briefly worked with UFC fighter BJ Penn. Go ahead and add this lady to the list of prestigious punchers.

The unidentified woman is a pretty quick learner with the combo punches and has some force with her uppercuts. She needs to become a little quicker defensively, but that's Mayweather's specialty. If she sticks around long enough, she will be a professional in no time.

Thank you so much to NBT Boxing for making this video go viral. It's easily one of the most entertaining things you will watch today.


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