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$129 Heated Stadium Cushion Rakes In Nearly 500 5-Star Ratings From Sports Fans

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Sports fans stand up for two reasons: to cheer their team on as wildly as possible and to avoid uncomfortable bleachers. If you can make it an entire football game sitting on cold bleacher seats, you are strong. They're hard and cold, making it hard to sit down at sporting events for hours. To avoid uncomfy seating, invest in a heated stadium seat cushion.

These portable stadium seats are budget-friendly and easy to order on Amazon. So add these stadium bleacher cushions to your list of things to bring to your next NFL game to stay warm and toasty (and most of all, avoid that painful feeling metal bleachers leave on your behind).

Best Heated Stadium Chair Cushions

Best Overall

1. Heated Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Back Support - USB Battery Included - Upgraded 3 Levels of Heat - Foldable Chair - Cushioned, 4 Pockets for Snacks, Cup Holder

This $129 heated cushion is our overall pick for heated cushions. The seat can reach up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, if that doesn't keep you warm, I don't know what will!

To activate the heated seat cushion, use the included USB battery pack. Yep, the rechargeable battery is included, which definitely played a role in this being our favorite cushion.

The high-quality heated bleacher seat is 20 inches wide and has a waterproof bottom. Be sure always to consider water-resistant outdoor products. They can be pricey, but you don't want the elements ruining your gear.

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Anyone who needs back support at cold sporting events will love it. With six reclining positions and padded armrests, this foam cushion will make you wonder why you've never invested in something like this earlier!

Imagine if you had this at your kiddo's baseball games years ago! Bring the comfort of home to the stadium.

Best Under $50

2. Heatable Stadium seat Cushion | Keeps You Warm During Outdoor Activities and Camping | Foldable and Portable

This seat also uses heating technology to keep you warm at sports games. However, it's not our pick for the best-heated stadium seat chair since you need to buy a power bank separately.

Bumfire writes, "You must use a powerbank with at least a 2 amp (2A) output. Powerbanks with multiple ports may have ports with less than 2A, do not use them. You can also run and test the pad with a regular smartphone/tablet charger, as long as it has more than 2 amps of power. This is written on each charger."

Make sure your heated bleacher chair has a compatible power bank, or else it could be quite frustrating to use.

As for heat settings, it reaches 37-39 degrees Celsius, which is about 102 degrees Fahrenheit. It is dirt and water-resistant. We love that it's foldable, so easy carrying will be a major perk at the stadium.

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