Softball Star Leaps Over Fence for All-Time Home Run Robbery
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Keisha White, then a freshman softball player at West High School in Salt Lake City, made hands-down the play of the year back in 2016.

White was tracking down a fly ball during Utah’s 5A State Championship against Riverton. As she approached the fence (The “fence” being basically plastic garden fencing), she leapt backwards to make the grab. Needing a little more room, White extended way over the boundary to catch the ball, landing at the feet of the game’s spectators in the outfield.

Technically, because White’s legs were inside the fencing, the catch was legal and ruled an out. Even more important, the fifth-inning home run robbery preserved West’s one-run lead in the pivotal game.

SportsCenter’s Top 10 had a field day with this viral moment.

Keisha White Robs Home Run Over the Fence

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Jumping that high and falling without anything to break it shook up the freshman as she walked gingerly back to her teammates.

Unfortunately, White and West High fell that evening to Riverton, 13-11, on a walk-off home run. That probably hurt more, but White’s catch stood firm as an all-time highlight.

White returned to the big dance the following year and captured that coveted state title. She was named All-State as an outfielder during his freshman and junior seasons, helped her team finish third in the 2018 state tournament, and eventually joined the N.C. State Wolfpack as part of its 2019 recruiting class.

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