Rugby Player Penis
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Rugby Player's Penis Needed 11 Stitches, Which Just Hurts to Think About


We've brought you broken legs and broken arms before -- all of which were cringe worthy in their own right. This injury is so messed up, we won't even undercut it with a joke. It's that serious.

Haydn Peacock (well that didn't take long), a professional Irish Rugby player, experienced what every male who has ever lived considers a nightmare when a player of an opposing team nearly ripped his penis off.

Peacock wasn't mincing words either when asked about the horrific injury that led to 11 penile stitches.

Via Daily Mail:


"He (the opposing player) made a tackle by reaching out and grabbing my d***, he got a hold of my d*** with one hand and pulled me down,' Peacock said.
The excruciating injury required Peacock to have 11 stitches inserted and get heavily strapped for the next game.
'The coach wanted me to go out and buy a cup but I'm not going to play with a cup. I wouldn't of been able to run,' Peacock said.

To hell with being able to run. What about the OTHER stuff you may not ever be able to do?!

There's no accompanying video, but if you have a penis, you don't need a video for a sharp tingle to shoot up your spine, or for you to cross your legs in an attempt to save your own man parts. If you're playing rugby, or any sport where you're constantly being tackled and anything goes, be a man.

Wear a cup.

This article was originally published March 14, 2016, yet it still haunts every guys' dreams...


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