Bodybuilder to Marry Sex Doll After Getting It Plastic Surgery
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When you know, you know. That?s the message and lesson many teach when talking about marriage. There are so many ways to find your special significant other these days, but bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko has gone much further than anyone could imagine.

For the past eight months, according to the New York Post, the Kazakhstan native has dated Margo, a silicone sex doll. The two do virtually everything together. Margo even has her own Instagram account with over 63,000 followers and even got plastic surgery. Now, he plans to marry her.

That?s right, Tolochko has proposed to Margo, the love of his life. You can?t make this up.

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Курьёзный случай. Когда проходили в Москве паспортный контроль, был целый консилиум: пограничник совещался сначала с коллегами, затем с начальником службы – ставить штамп в билет @margo_party или не ставить ))) Потому что если не поставить, её могли не пропустить дальше, на посадку самолёта. Однако ставить его можно только людям. В общем, была дилемма. Ну а вообще относились к нам работники обоих аэропортов, пограничных служб, в самолёте – очень деликатно. #будущеенаступило #маргоживая #марго #мояпринцесса👑 #любофф #толочокоттолочко #моядевушка #lovestory #живинаполнуюкатушку #казахстан #юрийтолочко #толочкокачоккрасавчик #умныйкачок #качокромантик #качок #атлет #болибилдинг #сексуальность #sexy #девушкамоеймечты #мачо #самец #альфа #beast #muscleman #prettygirl #нурсултан #астана #яготовцеловатьпесокпокоторомутыходила

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According to the New York Post, Tolochko claims Margo knows how to eat ? ?[She] loves Georgian cuisine. Her favorite dish is ?khinkali? [dumplings]” ? and is a waitress at a local bar, even though ?she can?t walk by herself ? she needs help.?

This is bizarre, to say the least, and everyone is bound to have their own opinions about it.

That?s not going to change Tolochko, a bodybuilder who even paid for real plastic surgery, according to the Daily Star.


“When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism and she began to develop a complex so we decided to have plastic surgery.

?She has changed a lot. At first, it was hard to accept but I got used to it later on.

?It was at a real clinic with real doctor.?

This is the real deal for Tolochko, although there is no wedding date right now. Images of the couple are all over social media. He says his girlfriend Margo and bride-to-be has a ?tender soul? inside. The couple have been ?inseparable since the first meeting at a bar,? accord to the New York Post.

Tolochko and Margo even appeared on ?Comedy Club,? a Russian TV show.

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Маленький спойлер…


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A waitressing position. Local media appearances. Cosmetic surgery. Future wedding. All of it is rather baffling, but apparently? when you know, you know.

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