LeBron James Jr.

This Former NBA Star is Pumped LeBron James Jr. Will Play at His Alma Mater

In case you have been hiding from the sports world for some bizarre reason, LeBron James and his family are moving to Los Angeles. The NBA superstar will play for the storied Lakers, and it has caused quite the scene of speculation.

Can The King bring another championship to the historic franchise? Will the Lakers even make the playoffs this season? When are we going to know if Space Jam 2 is a real thing? Where will his 13-year-old son, LeBron James Jr., go to school this year?

The last question is more than a real thing. People have been waiting for the family to decide where the eldest son of the best player on the planet is going to school. We now know the answer.

Bronny, an incoming eighth-grader, will attend The Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California.

However, due to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rules, Bronny will not be eligible to play varsity basketball during the 2018-19 season.

Still, that's not stopping people from getting excited, and no one might be more excited than former NBA player and Crossroads alum Baron Davis, who led the Roadrunners to a Division I title in 1997.

With tuition at $38,000, The Crossroads School is more expensive than most colleges, but it has an incredible alumni list.

In addition to Davis, who played in the NBA from 1999 to 2012, other celebrity alums include Gary Coleman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jonah Hill, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Michael Bay, and Shareef O'Neal, a freshman at UCLA and the son of Hall of Fame center Shaquille O'Neal, among so many others.


Bronny, who already has reported scholarship offers from the likes of Duke and Kentucky, and won an AAU national championship with the North Coast Blue Chips this summer, is already a celebrity before high school given who his father is. There's no doubt there will be so much hype, fairly or not, for the 2023 guard for years to come.

A few months ago, rumors swirled Bronny would attend basketball powerhouse Sierra Canyon, where the sons of NBA greats Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin play, but those are now over.

Bronny has a new basketball team. He will play at Crossroads as a freshman in 2019-20, and you can officially add this question to the growing list:

How many high school state titles will LeBron James Jr. win?

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