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How a Random Guy on TikTok Entered the 2023 NBA Draft Through a Loophole

The San Antonio Spurs hold the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft following the lottery results. And while they may be strongly considering the 19-year-old 7-foot-2 French professional phenom Victor Wembanyama, a new prospect has entered the fold.

Jordan Haber, a social media content creator with 87,900 followers on TikTok who goes by the handle "haberjordan," has officially declared for the NBA Draft.

Your next question might be where he went to school to play and what his stats were.

Well, he played nowhere and averaged "N/A" points per game.

That's right, he never played college basketball — or basketball of any kind, really.

So how did this social media content creator manage to get into the draft? Or as Erika Ruiz, an associate manager of the salary cap administration for the NBA, put it, "Your name was contained on a list sent to NBA teams. You are eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft."

How Jordan Haber Got Into the NBA Draft


Hi @NBA looking forward to going 1st overall #nba #nbadraft #nbadraft2023

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While we mentioned that Haber is a social media content creator, there's something else you should know about him. 

"I'm headed to Cardozo Law located in New York in the fall, so I decided to read the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for fun. I thought it would be good reading material and a way to learn more about sports and entertainment law," Haber said.

After reading over the NBA bargaining agreement, you'll find that it's actually pretty easy to get into the NBA Draft if you wanted to.

According to KTLA 5, this is the criteria:

  • Be part of this year's graduating class.
  • Provide a 60-day notice with letter of intent.
  • Fill out the official paperwork.

That's it. That's all Haber, who originally started this as a joke with friends, needed to do. 

So now, Haber is part of the 2023 NBA Draft class and "won't be satisfied until I get a picture with commissioner Adam Silver on draft night."

His TikTok revealing his master plan has 1.6 million views. And if you look at the comments, he has one from the NBA's Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets, and the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. 


Replying to @Brooklyn Nets I was going to the gym who wants the tape? #nba #nbadraft #nbadraft2023

♬ original sound - Jordan Haber

In TikToks after that, Haber revealed more of his email exchange with Ruiz, and he needed to provide the complete application and a copy of proof of his date of birth. 

Haber also mentioned he fully intends to visit New York for the draft.


Replying to @Raptors hi @Raptors #nba #nbadraft #nbadraft2023

♬ original sound - Jordan Haber

"I'm just happy everyone has enjoyed this joke on TikTok," Haber said. "People are having a lot of fun with it and are really rooting for me. It shows there is a good side to social media. It goes to show if you have a dream there's probably some way you can achieve it. Even if you have to be a little creative and think outside the box."

Never stop dreaming, Jordan, even if you're an Average Joe.

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