Lebron No Shows at Pizza Party
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You Can't Trust LeBron James, Especially After He Did This

LeBron James has received criticism for every career decision he's ever made. First, it was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers (the first time) to form a super team with the Miami Heat. Then, it was leaving Miami after four-straight Finals to go back to Cleveland. LeBron was even criticized for leaving Cleveland (again) to head west as a free agent to play in Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron fans have trust issues with the NBA superstar.

The relationship between The King and Lakers fans won't go well until he starts carrying an LA's starting lineup in the upcoming 2018-19 season. LeBron isn't making a good first impression though.

Blaze Pizza, a local LA shop, through out a tweet saying that they were giving away free pizzas to celebrate LeBron's arrival. LeBron, in response, sent a cryptic tweet insinuating that he was going to show up for a meet and greet pizza party.

Alas, hundreds of fans were left hung out to dry. Thinking that the Akron, Ohio native might show up and meet some of his new Lakers' faithful, fans came to the Culver City destination, only to be left with free pizza and broken dreams.

LeBron didn't seem to mind, as his wife, Savannah, caught him catching some California rays in the pool that same afternoon.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers seem like a match made in heaven. Take the NBA's biggest superstar and give him a massive contract in the league's biggest market? It's a recipe for juicy headlines for the next four years.

The problem is that some Lakers fans are not too keen on the four-time NBA MVP coming to join their storied franchise. A mural of LeBron James went up in Los Angeles less than a week ago. Two days later, it was vandalized. After it was fixed, guess what? It was vandalized again.

Finally, the original painter of the mural decided to paint over the entire thing. Score one for disgruntled Lakers' fans.

LeBron is a three-time NBA champion and Finals MVP. Stepping into a major market like Los Angeles in free agency only helps the King's global brand, but magnifies everything he does even more than before. Entering year 16, James continues to improve his physical conditioning as he prepares for another shot at the NBA Championship, and he seems to be getting better on the floor.

No matter what happens in Los Angeles, LeBron is one of the best players in NBA history.

If he keeps signing up for pizza parties and then no-showing for dates though, he'll make his job of winning over the die-hard, anti-LeBron Lakers' fans even harder; that is, until he takes them back to the NBA playoffs.

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