LeBron James Twitter Reactions

The 23 Best Twitter Reactions to LeBron Joining the Lakers

LeBron James draws more attention himself than the NBA does as a league. Since LeBron decided to head west and sign a four-year, $153.3 million contract to become the next big Los Angeles star, the Lakers now have the second best odds to win the NBA Championship next season.

The Lakers have awaited the King's arrival since the start of free agency, as rumors swirled early and often that James would make Los Angeles his permanent home. Promising his hometown Cavaliers a championship sealed his legacy as the greatest hero to ever grace the state of Ohio, but now it's showtime in LA once again.

Magic Johnson did what he set out to do and resurrected a dying breed of Lakers basketball, delivering the city the NBA's biggest talent for a four year stretch.  With All-Pro talents DeMarcus Cousins, Kawhi Leonard potentially landing in Los Angeles as well, Laker Nation is salivating at a chance to see this team come together for the 2018-19 season.

Twitter had no shortage of tweets and threads talking about the seismic shift in the NBA. In honor of the four-time NBA MVP and 3-time champion, here are the 23 best Twitter reactions to LeBron's new home:

1. The always humble Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

2. Shade was thrown.

3. Dan Gilbert pens another letter.

4. Kobe pays his respect.

5. Cleveland thanks the King.

6. Akron reminds us where it all started.

7. The LA Times with a public service announcement.

8. Lonzo welcomes the King.

9. The Jet was behind the times...

10. ...but maybe the King was two steps ahead?

11. Joel Embiid focused back East.

12. Adebayo's reaction evokes a Timone reference.

13. Derek Carr offers up this application.

14. Ice Cube had a good day...

15. ...So did James Corden.

16. Jay Bilas offers some suggestions.

17. J.R. Smith gets caught in the crossfire, again.

18. And, again...

19. And, again...

20. And, again.

21. Arnold is ready for LeBron.

22. The reigning champs don't seem worried.

23. Basically, everyone's excited to be a Lakers' fan.

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