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Cam Newton Serves Thanksgiving Dinner to 1,300 Children


Every year, people gather at the Thanksgiving table, exchange pleasantries, and hope Aunt Carol didn't overcook the turkey again. For many, however, they don't have that chance to celebrate as the November holiday comes and goes. Thankfully, there are people who provide that opportunity and dish out a ton of holiday spirit in the process.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player back in 2015 and will be remembered as a once-in-a-generation talent on the football field. Still, Cam Newton is human, and he doesn't let the spotlight prevent him from fulfilling a greater purpose. At the 8th Annual "Cam's Thanksgiving Jam," Newton will provide a full-blown holiday party for 1,300 kids and their families.

Cam's Thanksgiving tradition entered its seventh year in 2018, but this time, the three-time Pro Bowl selection took it one step further -- After typically feeding somewhere around 800 kids every year, there were additional 400 underprivileged children and their families joining the Panthers superstar at last year's event.

Along with members of his family, Newton hosted the party with some help from the Second Harvest Food Bank to feed everyone and offer a great time for so many families.


Once again in 2019, the Cam Newton Foundation upped the ante by serving Thanksgiving meals to 1,300 underprivileged kids in the Charlotte area with the help of Harris Teeter grocery stores and Chase Bank.

Cam Newton's Thanksgiving Dinners

Of course, Newton helps serve Thanksgiving dinner himself and chats with everyone as they grab a plate, but that's not where the generosity stops. In addition to dinner, each family receives a take-home dinner to celebrate in their own homes.

"Throwback Thursday to Cam's Thanksgiving Jam through the years! Looking forward to our BIGGEST Thanksgiving Jam yet. It's coming next week with the help of our partners Chase and Harris Teeter."

-- Cam Newton, via Twitter

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On top of this incredible gesture, everything from face painting to balloon artists keeps the party going. The 6-foot-5 Heisman Trophy winner and Auburn University graduate happens to be pretty light on his feet, too. He hosts a dance party afterwards and even sets aside time for a full-blown dance off.


The Cam Newton Foundation

Thanksgiving isn't Cam's only venture into charitable organizations either. The Cam Newton Foundation addresses "socioeconomic, educational, physical and emotional needs" of young people in the Charlotte and Atlanta areas, "Kicking It With Cam" is Newton's celebrity kickball tournament to raise money for charity in the summer, and he remains an avid participant with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in his eighth professional season.

Seeing an NFL player give back is incredible, but it says something about Cam Newton's character to see him go to such lengths during the holiday season. Newton may be on injured reserve this season while Kyle Allen leads the Panthers for the rest of the football season, but that's not stopping Superman from living up to his name.



Regardless of how his football career ends, Newton has a bright future as a public servant to the North Carolina and Georgia region with incredible events like this.

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