cody parkey field goal challenge

WATCH: The Cody Parkey Field Goal Challenge Couldn’t Have Been Funnier

From 43 yards away, with a NFL playoff game on the line, Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey failed to deliver. Yes, the ball was tipped, but it clanked off the left upright and hit the crossbar before falling onto the Soldier Field grass and causing a wild frenzy. Parkey was booed as he walked off the field and even received death threats for missing the kick against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brilliantly, Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago created The Field Goal Challenge so all of the Internet tough guys, who think they can do something better than a trained professional at his craft, could prove just how good they really are at life. Turns out, making a long field goal is not as easy as it looks on a football field or in the middle of the street.

With snow coming down in the Windy City, the Chicago brewery on Fulton Street turned into a scene for the ages. The crowd wasn't as big as the NFL Wild Card round, but watching 100 people fail miserably was just as good.

That's right, not a single person made the 43-yard field goal attempt and the tone was set from the very first kicker.

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There were some kickers who got it close to the goal post outside of Goose Island Beer Co., however.

The original prize was free beer for a year, but due to a law against an establishment providing free alcohol, that supposedly changed to an all-expenses paid trip to an NFL game of the winner's choice, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Obviously, the prize didn't matter.

A big thanks to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Madeline Kenney for braving the elements and providing a great laugh for all of us with coverage of this event on Saturday.

From a shirtless guy in freezing temperatures to an Eagles fan slipping on the slick kicking surface, there were some great moments. However, it doesn't get any better than someone missing the kick so bad, it hit a worker below the belt. Mind you, he was just a few feet away and off to the side.

So there you have it. The Cody Parkey Field Goal Challenge is over and no free trips were given. Perhaps a few more Bears fans will cut their kicker some slack now after the playoff loss and heading into next season.

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