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Pissed Off Cowboys Fan Punches, Destroys TV After MNF Loss

The NFC East is a true dumpster fire this season. Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles have started just 1-4-1. The Washington Football Team doesn't even have a name, and the New York Giants are still the New York Giants.

Then there's the Dallas Cowboys. America's Team is a first place franchise despite owning a dismal 2-4 record. Cowboys players say Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff is "unprepared." Dak Prescott is out for the season with an ankle injury, leaving fans stuck watching Andy Dalton for the remainder of the year.

Expectations are still high for a team that boasts running back Ezekiel Elliott (who has a fumbling problem) and wide receiver Amari Cooper, and Jerry Jones likely grows angrier with each loss.

Some fans are beyond just "angry."

Cowboys Fan Punches, Shoots TV

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The Cowboys lost badly to the Arizona Cardinals at home at AT&T Stadium, 38-10, on Monday Night Football. Dallas didn't scored its first and only touchdown until six minutes remained in the fourth quarter.

Drives that ended in punts, fumbles and interceptions certainly made the blood boil inside Dallas Cowboys fans.

One of them just couldn't take the poor play any longer, and he took out his frustrations on his TV.

Wearing a Prescott jersey and backwards cap, this pissed off Cowboys fan threw his beer can at the screen before punching the lights out of it three times.

Just for good measure, he pulled out a handgun and fired shots into the flat-screen.

Uh, yeah, that just happened.

I have no idea who this dude is or what the backstory here is, but how did the person filming not freak out when the firearm was brought into the mix. Punching TVs is common, but shooting them? Wow.

Someone might need to remind this guy that his NFL team is still in first place and has a real shot at the playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl. Then again, maybe staying away from him is a better move.

The big news of that Monday may have been Troy Aikman and Joe Buck blasting military flyovers on a hot mic, but this video certainly deserves some consideration.

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