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Ezekiel Elliott’s "Feed Me" Stomach Tattoo Didn’t Make His Mom Happy


Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best players in the NFL. Anyone who says otherwise is in complete denial. He's a truly special talent and is never afraid to tell anyone how hungry he is for greatness.

Ever since his rookie season, Elliott has made an eating gesture after big runs. It usually goes viral on social media and is always a good meme choice to share with your friends. Most importantly, it's part of his identity.

"That's my brand, Feed Me," the Pro Bowl running back said, via ESPN.

When the Cowboys played the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday Night Football for the 2020 season opener, Elliott showcased his dominance with a big-time touchdown in the first half. The celebration at SoFi Stadium, however, was simply showing the world a new "FEED ME" tattoo on his stomach.


RB Ezekiel Elliott's New 'Feed Me' Stomach Tattoo

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Ezekiel Elliott loves the midriff jersey look. He's rocked it ever since his college football days with the Ohio State Buckeyes. So the former first round NFL Draft pick lifting up his jersey is nothing new, but that ink definitely was.

Elliiott got the tattoo this offseason before training camp started, according to ESPN. He had the idea, but let a Dallas artist create the design. And although it was far from his first tattoo, this one really hurt.


"It was super painful," Elliott told ESPN. "I think like the next day we went and threw at [Dak Prescott's house], and it was all swollen and puffy. It was awful. Not going to lie, it was painful. But happy with the result."

Getting a tattoo like that takes a certain kind of confidence, and there's no doubt the 25-year-old Elliott has it. His teammates, such as wide receiver Michael Gallup and defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, like the new tattoo as well.

"Feed him. Don't see why he wouldn't, but it ain't too bad," Gallup said. "Zeke's always coming up with something funny to get everybody going. For him to get that new tattoo, lift it up when he scores, he's just telling you plain and simple, just feed him."

"I mean, I got kids, so I wouldn't say I approve it, but it's a dope tattoo," Lawrence added. "As long as he takes care of it, they keep feeding him and he get the touchdowns, I ain't got no problem with the tattoo."

There's one specific person who didn't like the tattoo: Elliott's mom, Dawn, who shared her disapproval on social media.


The Cowboys have games against the Rams, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Football Team, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, and San Francisco 49ers this season.

Whether he's in Texas, on the road, on Monday Night Football, or in the playoffs, you better believe more people will be see the tattoo whenever Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott finds the end zone for head coach Mike McCarthy.

With no fans allowed during the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, we are all getting a close look at.


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