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That Time Mike Ditka Ripped a Fart on Live Television


Former Chicago Bears head coach and ESPN analyst Mike Ditka appeared to let one rip during the network's Monday Night Countdown, showing no shame and even leaning into his ass-clapping expulsion for some extra power.

The following Sunday morning, Cris Carter, the recipient of said fart, even gave him a little payback by joking about the "Fart Heard 'Round the World." Don't worry, Mike, you're not the only one to have ever cut the cheese on live TV.

Mike Ditka Fart

But as Ditka has maintained, via the Chicago Sun Times, he didn't do it:


"It wasn't me," he told the Sun-Times. "Believe me, I'm to the point in my life where it doesn't matter. One day I'll be happy if I can leave a fart. Right now, it wasn't me. I don't care what they think. They can think anything they want."

Maybe he really didn't to it. Ditka seems to have no shame if it was him. Either way, this will always be hilarious.

This post was originally published October 26, 2015. We still believe Ditka did it.

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