Dallas Cowboys cut the guy who apparently “pissed off” Ezekiel Elliott by allegedly sleeping with his ex Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images
OXNARD, CA - JULY 25: Ezekiel Elliott #21 of the Dallas Cowboys is seen during afternoon practice on July 25, 2017 in Oxnard, California. (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys are supposed to be focusing on their Week 1 matchup with a division rival, the New York Giants.

But the Cowboys don’t even know if they’ll have Ezekiel Elliott in their backfield, as he’s currently appealing a six-game suspension.

New York head coach Ben McAdoo doesn’t seem too worried about Dallas even if Elliott is available. Surely, head coach Jason Garrett is preparing for the possibility his star tailback won’t be able to suit up on Sunday. But it’s impossible for Garrett to prepare for the headlines that Elliott has been drawing since entering the NFL.

The drama surrounding Elliott continues to swirl, and it’s probably the last thing the Cowboys need right now.

The latest development in the saga between Elliott and Tiffany Thompson includes a testimony from Elliott in which he states Thompson sent him screenshots of conversations she had with Lucky Whitehead, Elliott’s former teammate.

She reportedly also sent Elliott a picture of a hotel receipt with both her name and Whitehead’s name on it, serving as proof the two had been romantically involved together.

Dallas cut Whitehead in July amid one of the NFL’s strangest controversies, and he was later claimed by the New York Jets. Maybe the decision to cut Whitehead had something to do with Whitehead having “pissed off” the Cowboys’ star running back. His testimony certainly makes it seem possible.

Elliott: So, like I mentioned before, when Tiffany saw me doing well or just doing well without her, she did not like that and she would go through any measure to kind of ruin my moment or ruin what’s going on, and so particularly this moment was — after we had a big win verse the Steelers, and I had a very good game, and while I’m boarding the plane from Pittsburgh to Dallas, I received like 15 texts from an unknown number, and the texts were screen shots of text messages between Tiffany and one of my current teammates that play with me for the Cowboys. And then there was a picture of a hotel reservation which had her name and also his name on it. Basically, her telling me that she slept with one of my teammates the previous week while we were in Cleveland.


Q. How did that make you feel?

Elliott: Pissed off.

According to the Dallas News, Thompson claims her connection to Whitehead originated over social media but was discontinued after she learned of how it upset Elliott.

This situation continues to get weirder and weirder.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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