With the Tennessee Titans looking to offload their star rusher, a few NFL teams appear to be perfect fits for a Derrick Henry trade.
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King Henry's Suitors: Five Teams that Could Land Derrick Henry

After seven seasons with the Tennessee Titans, it's possible that Derrick Henry could be suiting up for a new team next year. That's right, a Derrick Henry trade is on the horizon. 

He's only on-contract with the Titans for another season, and if they get rid of him, Tennessee would save $6.3 million on their salary cap in 2023. Considering their salary cap position currently, that's a real likelihood.  With Henry recently turning 29, his peak is likely behind him. That being said, Tractorcito surely has more years of solid football ahead of him— barring injuries. 

However, given the spot the Titans are in, they're allegedly shopping Derrick Henry. And because of that, there must be some buyers to make a deal come to fruition. 

Team No. 1: Buffalo Bills

Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills runs onto the field before the game against the Miami Dolphins

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Anytime a running back conversation is had involving NFL teams who need a running backs, the Buffalo Bills are brought up.

That's due to the fact that their quarterback had almost as many yards on the ground as their starting running back. In fact, Josh Allen had more rushing TDs than their starting running back. 

If the Bills move on from Devin Singletary, which seems like a real possibility, then Derrick Henry would be a player who could absolutely be a difference maker in that team. 

The Bills need a rushing identity outside of Josh Allen, and Derrick Henry gives them that and more. 

Henry isn't much of a receiving threat, but with James Cook in their backfield, he can pick up the slack on that and let Derrick Henry focus on running the ball. 

Team No. 2: Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa drops back to pass the ball to a Miami Dolphins teammate

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Another AFC East team, the Miami Dolphins, are likely in on the Derrick Henry extravaganza— if he actually becomes available. 

With the health of Tua Tagovailoa a genuine question mark, getting Derrick Henry in the same offense as Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle could be game-changing. 

Now, one big factor of this is that the Dolphins are forfeiting their first-round pick this year, so draft capital is of the importance to Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins' front office.

However, considering the atmosphere of the AFC East, with Aaron Rodgers potentially joining the Jets and the potential downfall of the recent Bills, the Dolphins could be in a spot to make the AFC East their division. 

It's all going to come down to whether the Dolphins think Derrick Henry is worth it right now, as well as if they see the division being one they need more beef in their offense to be competitive with.

Team No. 3: Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) looks to pass to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (87) during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals

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This team might not be the most likely, as they've had genuine success from their seventh-round selection, Isiah Pacheco, but it's always possible for Andy Reid to get pieces for the Chiefs' offense to be even more intimidating. And while Pacheco found success later in the year, having a committee of Pacheco and Derrick Henry could free up Patrick Mahomes to be even more of an alien on the football field. 

The Chiefs ranked 25th in rushing attempts among the league, and they ranked 20th among the league in rushing yards. Clearly there's a need for it, but at the same time, maybe not. The Chiefs had the No. 1 offense in the NFL last season, and after winning the Super Bowl with not much of a rushing game, maybe Andy Reid sticks to what he has in Patrick Mahomes. 

Team No. 4: Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts #1 and head coach Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrate a touchdown during the second quarter against the Atlanta Falcons

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After a tough Super Bowl loss, the next goal is getting a team that they feel is better than the one last year. Getting so close to a Super Bowl and not winning can't be easy, so the fire will be lit under this team to get it done as soon as possible. 

While Miles Sanders was a respectable back last season, the offense Philly runs could be even better than it was last year with a guy like Derrick Henry.The NFL would be in trouble if Derrick Henry was also on Philly, as he'd be one of the new pushers behind Jalen Hurts on those devious fourth-and-short situations. 

In all seriousness, however, Philly could use a bruiser like Derrick Henry. 

Miles Sanders was able to crack 1,000 yards, while also putting up the most touchdowns he's had in a season last year with 11. That being said, however, Derrick Henry behind that offensive line could go for well over 2,000 yards. But, time will tell if Nick Siriani wants to stick with Miles, or if he wants to change the backfield up with he who is referred to as King Henry. 

Team No. 5: Chicago Bears

Head coach Matt Eberflus of the Chicago Bears looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs

Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

This one isn't the most likely, but with a team that has as much off season power as the Chicago Bears— whether it be their salary cap or the No. 1 pick— it's possible the Chicago Bears get involved in the Derrick Henry mix.  The Chicago Bears had a dynamic rushing offense last season, as they led the league in rushing yards, ranked second in the league in rushing attempts, and ranked seventh in the league in rushing touchdowns. 

On the passing side of the offense, there was much to be desired, but with the Bears potentially letting David Montgomery go this off season, Derrick Henry could find himself in a run-heavy Chicago Bears offense next season. It wouldn't surprise me to see one of the other teams mentioned win the Derrick Henry sweepstakes, but the Chicago Bears shouldn't be seen as an unlikely fit.

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