FOX Sports analyst predicts one locker room will 'riot' if their team doesn't sign Colin Kaepernick


Starting quarterbacks across the league have been injured and have missed significant time -- from Andrew Luck to Aaron Rodgers -- but still, Colin Kaepernick has yet to find his way onto an NFL roster.

The most recent starter to go down was Houston Texans' rookie Deshaun Watson, who threw for 1,699 yards and and 19 touchdowns (eight interceptions) in seven games before going down with a torn ACL in practice -- an injury that has ended his season.

Tom Savage will be "the guy" for Houston heading into the second half of the season but there was an opportunity for the Texans to go out and sign Kaepernick to at least backup Savage -- a starter who doesn't necessarily inspire confidence in the first place.

In fact, Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports was absolutely certain that the Texans would sign Kaepernick. If they didn't, according to the hot take artist, the Texans' locker room would actively riot.


Here's Whitlock:

Whitlock's comment is notable because the Texans recently dealt with some drama regarding national anthem protests and owner Robert McNair, who made insensitive -- at best -- comments regarding the issue. McNair's comments almost lost him his team, at least temporarily, and the players may have moved on from them, but they may not have forgotten them.

So yes, it makes sense that tensions are high in Houston, but a riot in the locker room? The Texans went on to sign Matt McGloin instead of Kaepernick, and no locker room riots have been reported.

Still, Whitlock seems to be holding out for the fact that his prediction will come true:


The Texans are 3-4 so far this season