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Jerry Jones Snaps On Radio Show Host: “Shut Up"

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will never mince words. When you own a yacht bigger than a football field and can call the most valuable NFL franchise your own, you can pretty much do and say whatever you'd like.

Considering America's Team is off to a horrid 2-5 start and Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury in a season plagued by the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, it's no wonder Jones is testy these days.

The 'Boys have scored just 13 total points under Andy Dalton in their last two games against the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Football Team, leading some fans to take frustrations out on their TVs.

Jones, meanwhile, seems to be taking his frustrations out on local radio show hosts.

Jerry Jones Radio Interview: "Shut Up"

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Jones went on 105.3 The Fan this morning to talk football, specifically about the Cowboys' woes and most recent touchdown-less loss to Washington, and the result did not disappoint.

"Does your team have a leadership void?" the host asked.

"Where? In the offensive line? Seriously, where would you have a leadership void? Is it an experience void? Is it a talent void? I'm not trying to be cute here. The answer is no," Jones responds.

When the host attempts to ask something else, Jones shuts him down.

"Well just shut up and let me answer it: no."

This radio interview comes on the heels of a report that Cowboys players believe the coaching staff is "unprepared."

It also wouldn't be the first time Jones has lashed out on airwaves. In December 2019, he told the same guys at 105.3 The Fan to "get your damn act together" and asked if they "understand bull——." Of course, that became a trending topic on social media.

Look, as the owner, president and general manager of the most popular team in football, Jones is going to get asked tough questions. How he chooses to respond is entirely up to him.

If the Cowboys don't start winning under head coach Jason Garrett's replacement Mike McCarthy, they could lose the NFC East to the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Football Team or New York Giants and fail to make the playoffs and win a Super Bowl.

If that's the case, I'm sure we'll be hearing Jones lash out at plenty more radio hosts and radio stations. Nobody is safe from Jerry's wrath.

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