Joe Buck

Sorry Haters, Joe Buck Isn't Leaving the Booth Anytime Soon

For those sports fans who cannot stand a certain broadcaster with a famous father, and scripted calls at the end of the world's biggest events, will have to get over it. Joe Buck isn't going anywhere and has agreed to a three-year extension with Fox Sports.

As first reported by The New York Post, the longtime sportscaster will continue to be Fox's lead voice on the NFL and golf, where the network holds the rights to the U.S. Open. Buck will also remain on the call for the World Series until the current deal expires in 2021.

Buck, the son of legendary St. Louis Cardinals sportscaster Jack Buck, has called 19 World Series and five Super Bowl during his career, and the contract extension is on top of the two years he had remaining on his current deal.

"There wasn't a lot of posturing," Buck told the New York Post. "I don't want to go anywhere. They know I don't want to go anywhere. And they want to use me and have me do these events. Let's just figure out what seems fair to both sides."

Well, it happened. Fox Sports president Eric Shanks and Buck reached a deal to keep him around.

Get excited!—Q

The crazy thing is Buck was actually considering not to continue calling the World Series, and the credit for continuing belongs to MLB broadcast partner and former Atlanta Braves great John Smotlz.

"If there is one person who has kind of changed that for me, it is John Smotz," Buck explained to The Post.

Like it or not, Buck will be the voice for the Fall Classic once again as well as several big-time NFL games weekly with broadcast partner Troy Aikman.

And if you don't like it, there's always the mute button.

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