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There is no such thing as a dumb question, right? That?s what we have all been taught for years. Whether it?s at work, in a relationship, or talking to a stranger at a bar, there shouldn?t be limits to what we are curious about or wanting to learn. However, one team at the NFL Scouting Combine took it a little too far.

Look, we have all sat through job interviews before. Some of them have been better than others, of course, but none of them were probably as awkward as the one former Texas Longhorns defensive back Kris Boyd went through over the weekend.

In an interview at the 2019 NFL Combine, something that has proven to be ridiculous at times in the past, the 5-foot-11, 201-pound cornerback was strangely asked by one team if he had both of his testicles, according to USA Today.

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This is seriously bizarre and really doesn?t make a ton of sense. The only logical thing they could be asking is if Boyd had a pair to compete every Sunday at the NFL level. Other than that, there is no reason for it to be asked a question unless a team was just stalling and really has no interest in the First-Team All-Big 12 Selection and Jim Thorpe Award semifinalist when the 2019 NFL Draft rolls around this spring.

?One crazy question I can think of was, ?Do I have both of my testicles?? And I was like, ?Yeah. I don?t know why you got to ask.? That was one I can think of.?


? Former Texas Cornerback Kris Boyd, via USA Today

Other than one of the craziest questions in NFL Combine history, which is saying something ?Kentucky cornerback Lonnie Johnson was asked by the Seattle Seahawks to have a staring contest last week ? Boyd performed well at the showcase at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Boyd put up 19 reps on the bench press, which was the best mark at his position, and he ran a 4.45 40-yard dash to boost his draft stock even more.

Over his four-year career with the Longhorns, Boyd saw action in 51 games, including 33 starts, and recored 191 career tackles, four interceptions, 40 passes defended, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries.


There?s no doubt Kris Boyd will be drafted, and he has the potential to make an impact in the NFL, but we all now know something a little too personal about the former college football star thanks to one of the NFL teams asking the strangest question possible.

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