Michael B Jordan recreates OBJ's catch with Eli Manning.
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Eli Manning, Michael B. Jordan Re-Create Famous OBJ Catch


There's only one Odell Bekham Jr. -- OBJ -- and there's only one version of "The Catch" that lives in our heads rent-free. It was a one-handed snag that became a pop culture phenomenon. Youngsters in the backyard re-created it. High school stars re-created it. Famous movie stars are even re-creating it.

Michael B. Jordan spent a day this week at MetLife Stadium hanging with Eli Manning and the New York Giants, and he received the full game-day experience from the pregame tunnel walk to the postgame press conference. Jordan, who grew up a Giants fan in Newark, New Jersey, even suited up and re-created Odell Beckham Jr.'s famous catch.

MBJ Re-created OBJ's Catch With Eli Manning


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Jordan didn't play football, but he did play Vince Howard on the hit show "Friday Night Lights." Plus, he's starred in plenty of other sports movies, from the "Creed" series to "Space Jam: A New Legacy" alongside LeBron James.

His rendition of OBJ's catch against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 wasn't too shabby. Even the future Hall of Fame quarterback was impressed.

"This was awesome. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think you'd be able to make some of these catches. But that was one take, this was all live, this was legit," Manning said via USA Today. "You showed up, I really appreciate it."


"This is a dream come true to be on the field with you two reliving and remaking these plays," Jordan said. "I'm gonna take this with me for the rest of my life."

Hey, maybe Jordan should give should give this whole NFL thing a real shot. The Giants could use a receiver or two.

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