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New Orleans Lawyer Files Suit Against NFL, But It Won't Change Anything

It has been nearly three days since the New Orleans Saints lost to the Los Angeles Rams, 26-23, to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LIII and fans are still upset.

To say Saint fans are talking the NFC Championship Game loss hard would be an understatement. There has been blame, conspiracy theories, and apparently crying amongst Saint fans since Sunday night's season-ending defeat at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Saint fans have every right to be angry. The refs made a bad no-call, which ultimately cost New Orleans a trip to the biggest game of the NFL season, although there were other factors involved, but I digress.

But they aren't the first fan base who has felt like they have been screwed by the NFL, just the latest. Remember, just a few years ago when the Dallas Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers? On a fourth down play, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw a pass to wide out to Dez Bryant that looked like a catch. However, according to the refs in that game, it wasn't and the pass was ruled incomplete.

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Thus, the phase "Dez Caught It!" was born and still lives on in Cowboys history. Had the officials in that game called that a catch, the Cowboys could have scored, which could have sent them to the NFC Championship Game.

Or remember the Oakland Raiders vs the New England Patriots in the 2001 AFC Divisional game and the infamous "Tuck Rule" came into play?

A rule that no one had ever heard of until quarterback Tom Brady fumbled the football? Well, instead of Oakland's ball, the refs ruled that Brady didn't fumble the football and the Patriots eventually went on to score, which would eventually lead to the their first Super Bowl under Brady and head coach Bill Belichick two games later.

But we have entered a new territory after the Saints and Rams game. A lawyer out of New Orleans has decided to file a lawsuit on the behalf of Saints season ticket owners to replay the game.

A petition was filed by attorney Frank D'Amico asking for a judge "to force the league to reverse the no pass interference call by Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman on Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis and at least restart the game from that point to its conclusion, per Goodell's powers in Rule 17, Section 2, Article of the NFL rules."

He is also apparently is suing for mental damages. Yeah, it has gotten this far.

I can understand the Saints fans are upset by this, but come on. First of all, the NFL is not going to replay the game. This is done and the Rams are going to the Super Bowl.

Second, the NFL's argument can be the Saints had a chance to win the game SEVERAL times, including in overtime, and there is also no guarantee the Saints would have scored and won the game anyway.

Saint fans are making a lot of assumptions about a team who struggled to score in the red zone all afternoon. This so-called lawsuit not only makes the New Orleans Saints look silly, but makes their fans also look like a bunch of sore losers.

If Raiders and Cowboy fans can survive a heartbreaking loss, so can Saint fans.

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