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NFL Refs Playing Fantasy Football During Game is Pure Comedy


Fantasy football. We all play it. We all hate it.

Every year, it feels like you're just throwing hard-earned money away for drafting Saquon Barkley second overall before he tears his ACL and is out for the season, thus drowning you in misery.

Fantasy leagues are a great way to trash talk co-workers without being reported to human resources, friends and even beloved family members. Sorry, grandma, you should've double-checked that trade proposal before accepting.

This magical, made-up sport doesn't mean the same thing to the actual players, coaches and referees on the field. But...just imagine if they all conspired to help each other win their fantasy leagues.


That skit already exists, and it will leave you in stitches.

NFL Referees Playing Fantasy Football

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First of all, we're gifted this football game between the Los Angeles Traffic (the Rams need to change their name to that) and the Utah Whites.


Traffic running back Treyshawn Deandre (no idea if that's spelled correctly) scores a touchdown after a nasty spin move. However, there was clear holding that should negate that score.

Not so fast.

The referees convene and all agree holding should be called. "Dick" admits he knows it was holding but that he needs the touchdown to count to beat his father-in-law in his fantasy matchup. Another referee, Craig, gets on board with the idea because he started the quarterback who threw the touchdown. Bill, the complaining ref, started the kicker and wanted the defense to stop the offense so the kicker could make a field goal.

The whole situation gets funnier and funnier as players and a coach enters the argument. Eventually they settle on a plan that benefits everyone's fantasy teams, which includes a humping celebration and kickoff return.


Just terrific.

This skit was the brainchild of YouTube channel Life According To Jimmy, which features actor Jimmy Tatro. It really makes you wonder if any decision or call in the NFL is influenced by fantasy football. You never know.

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