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What Happened to O.J. Simpson's Kids & Where Are They Now?

The infamous story of O.J. Simpson is one every sports fan has heard.

The former USC and Buffalo Bills running back was a suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman at their Brentwood home, but he was later acquitted of the crimes despite having led police on a high-speed chase in his Ford Bronco.

Although acquitted of the crime, he was found liable in a civil suit by Goldman's family and was forced to pay over $33 million as a result of the victims' wrongful deaths.

Simpson's Los Angeles double murder trial is one of the most famous in U.S. history, even being dubbed as the Trial of the Century, during which Simpson was represented by Robert Kardashian, but we won't dive into the details of the trial here.

Instead, we'll focus on Simpson's children, who were present in the house when Nicole and Ronald Goldman were slain.

OJ Simpson's Children Now

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OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson had two children together, daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson, born in 1985, and son Justin, born in 1988.

Brown's family provided care for Justin and Sydney throughout the trial, and following Simpson's acquittal, he shared custody of the two children with the family.

Nicole's mother, Tanya Brown, was largely involved in keeping the children out of the spotlight during the troubling times.

Simpson moved to Florida in 1999, and his children followed him there, in hopes of living as normal a life as possible.

By the time Orenthal James Simpson was arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2008, and was sentenced to 33 years behind bars at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada (of which he served nine) Sydney and Justin were adults, less reliant on their father.

Sydney attended Boston University where she earned a degree in sociology. Following her graduation, she briefly spent time in Atlanta before moving to Florida. She currently manages her own business, Simpsy LLC, as well as a restaurant in the St. Petersburg area of Florida.

Justin Simpson works in real estate, and it is believed his sister is involved in his business ventures. Neither of O.J. Simpson's kids are extremely active on social media, likely to retain some level of privacy in their lives and stay out of the public eye.

Children From Previous Marriage

In addition to James and Sydney, "The Juice" had three children from his previous marriage to his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. The former football star is father to Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson and the late Aaren, who tragically passed away prior to her second birthday.

Arnelle Simpson also lives in Florida, and she even came to the support of her father in 2017 during his parole hearing.

Furthermore, it is rumored that the former football player and NFL superstar had an affair with Kris Jenner, with some even believing him to be the father of Khloe Kardashian. Those rumors have been vehemently denied by Jenner, however.

Despite all of the troubles Simpson has endured, he's remained surprisingly close to his children and seemingly has a solid relationship with all of them.

This post was originally published on January 6, 2021.

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