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Sean McDermott's Wife Has Stood By His Side Through Both Controversy and Success

Jamie McDermott is the Bills' coach's most loyal supporter.

Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, has been a pivotal force in transforming the team's fortunes in upstate New York. Under his leadership, starting in 2020, the Bills have consistently excelled, securing the AFC East Division titles for three consecutive seasons. This remarkable achievement included overtaking the long-dominant New England Patriots, led by the esteemed coach Bill Belichick, a feat that symbolized a significant shift in the division's power dynamics.

Known for his strategic acumen and inspirational leadership, McDermott has garnered immense popularity among the Bills Mafia, arguably one of the most passionate and dedicated fan bases in the NFL. After a disappointing 6-6 start to the season, McDermott rallied the Bills to a 5-game win streak to become the AFC East Champions for the fourth straight season. And sticking by his side through the ups and downs is Sean McDermott's wife, Jamie McDermott.

Jamie McDermott has been a cornerstone in Sean's life, offering stability and encouragement. Her role extends beyond just being a supportive partner; she is often seen as an integral part of McDermott's success, providing a grounding influence amidst the high-pressure environment of professional football.

Read on to learn more about Sean's wife, Jamie McDermott.

Who Is Sean McDermott's Wife?

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Sean McDermott's wife Jamie McDermott began dating her future husband back at La Salle College High School, which they both attended in Pennsylvania.

McDermott was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but moved to Pennsylvania at a young age. McDermott played high school football for La Salle, and earned All-Southeastern Pennsylvania honors at the defensive back position. McDermott, a standout athlete, was also a two-time national prep champion wrestler in high school.

The pair remained together throughout college at the College of William and Mary, where McDermott earned a bachelor's degree in finance. Jamie and Sean McDermott have two children together, a son and daughter. The couple currently resides in Orchard Park, New York. Tim McDermott, the brother of the American football coach, is the president of the Philadelphia Union of the MLS.

Unfortunately for fans looking for a glimpse into their personal life, neither Sean nor Jamie are active on social media, preferring to live a quiet life.

Sean McDermott's Coaching Career

Head coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills on the sideline against the Carolina Panthers at Highmark Stadium

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After graduating from William and Mary, the program brought McDermott aboard as a graduate assistant, where he'd spend a brief time before moving onto the NFL.

Sean McDermott's first shot at being an NFL coach came in 1997 with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he worked as a scouting administrative coordinator. He then became the defensive quality control coach and assistant defensive backs coach under head coach Andy Reid. In 2007, McDermott became the linebackers coach and soon earned a promotion to defensive coordinator for the Eagles.

?In 2011, McDermott joined the Carolina Panthers as the team's defensive coordinator, working alongside Ron Rivera to build a playoff-caliber squad, and even making a Super Bowl appearance in the 2015 season, though they were defeated by the Denver Broncos.

McDermott took over as head coach of the Buffalo Bills in 2017, after the team fired Rex Ryan, and has since done tremendously to shape the organization into true contenders. Drafting the likes of Tre'Davious White, Kaiir Elam and sensational quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills have become the best team in New York, far surpassing their rival New York Jets and the New York Giants.

As Bills Mafia goes through up and down seasons, Sean McDermott will have his wife, Jamie, by his side.

Sticking Together Through the Tough Times

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 26: Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills looks on from the sideline during an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on November 26, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Unfortunately, the life of a head coach isn't always glamorous, as McDermott and his family have learned the hard way through the 2023 season.

The 2023 season started with a major disappointment, falling to the New York Jets in Week 1 on Monday Night Football, despite an injury to Jets star quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the opening drive. That upset loss was just the start of a season filled with disappointment for Bills fans.

From there, things went from bad to worse, with the Bills firing offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey halfway through the season. Just a few weeks later, McDermott was under fire after a report from Go Long's Ty Dunne revealed that McDermott had referenced the hijackers on 9/11 in an effort to inspire his team.

McDermott later admitted that the story was true, and profusely apologized for the incident.

With the Bills head coach also taking on responsibilities as the team's defensive coordinator in 2023, even more pressure has been put on McDermott to succeed.

But McDermott and his Bills managed to turn things around in a massive way. After a 5-game win streak that brought the Bills to an 11-6 record, they defeated the Miami Dolphins to become the AFC East champions for the fourth year in a row. Next, they will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round on Sunday, January 14.

Throughout the turbulent season, McDermott has always maintained the steadfast support of his loving wife.

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