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Clueless Dad Guesses NFL Team Names in Hilarious Viral Video


NFL team logos are iconic and internationally recognized.

I'd bet people in Japan would know the Dallas Cowboys star. Something tells me even South Americans would be able to tell the difference from the Seattle Seahawks' bird and the Arizona Cardinals' logo.

That isn't the case for everyone, however.

One dad is going viral on social media because, well, he clearly doesn't know squat about the NFL. When his son showed him the team logos, his guesses cracked up the entire Internet.


Clueless Dad Guesses NFL Team Logos

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Joe Mele is a famous personality on TikTok, where he and his dad (who are from Long Island, New York) have made numerous viral videos that are full of comedy.

When Joe asked his dad to guess the team names for NFL logos, he had no clue what any of them were. Seriously. No idea.


Here are just a few of his incredibly wrong guesses:

  • The Sun Whales (Miami Dolphins)
  • The Lucky Horseshoes (Indianapolis Colts)
  • ?Top of a Fancy Gate (New Orleans Saints)
  • The Scary Looking Chickens (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • The Horny Helmet Men (Minnesota Vikings)
  • The Angry Woodpeckers (Arizona Cardinals)
  • The Sharp Bananas (Los Angeles Chargers)
  • Southern Fellas (San Francisco 49ers)

My personal favorite might be the "Buffalo With Laser Beams Coming Out Of Its Head" AKA the Buffalo Bills. And you know what, the Saints logo does look like the top of a fancy gate.

I don't know how Joe's dad went this long without watching the NFL on Sundays. Dads all over the country would probably have no problem matching logos to team names.

Hey, at least he said an actual professional sports franchise, even if the Chicago Bulls aren't quite the Houston Texans. He also said the word "Patriot" so I'll give him points for that.


Even the actual New England Patriots had to comment about that.

"New team name unlocked: New England Flag Men," the team wrote in a comment.

The seven-part series is available on Joe's Instagram and TikTok accounts (@mmmjoemele).

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited for the long-awaited Super Bowl matchup between the Blue Tigers (Detroit Lions) and the Sharp Bananas.


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