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Tiny Girl Zips Past Bigger Boys for Flag Football TD

Erica Dickerson? Girl Campbell? Emma Smith?

It's not often you come across a girl who can juke boys out of their shoes, evade them like Betsy the Cow did to law enforcement in Alaska and take the pigskin all the way to the freakin' house.

But these days, adorable female football players are more than just feel-good stories with pigtails. They're dominating gridirons in our backyards and making some serious names for themselves.

Heck, the "female Barry Sanders" has already made a million dollars playing running back.

Head on over to Hampton, New Hampshire, and you'll find a budding female football star named Sloan who's making every boy she encounters look bad.

Young Girl Embarrasses Boys at Football

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Meet Sloan. We don't know exactly how old she is, but we do know she's quickly becoming the MVP of her NFL Flag Football league program in New Hampshire.

Donning the purple Minnesota Vikings jersey, she received the handoff and set out on a mission during one of her games. After knocking her quarterback to the ground because she clearly wanted the ball badly, she outran all the boys who were double her size.

Dalvin Cook should take notes. This is how it's done.

Sloan may be small in stature, but she can motor for her size. Evading that first tackler in the backfield may have been the most impressive part of the entire play.

Her league allows boys and girls from grades 3-5 and 6-8 to play, as well as high schoolers. No matter the age or grade of the opponents she goes up against, Sloan doesn't care. She's cooking them if she has the rock in her hand.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has never welcomed a New Hampshirite into Canton, but someone like Sloan could be the first. With speed like that at her age, anything is possible.

Never stop running, Sloan.

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