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Female QB Throws 25-Yard Dime TD in Playoff Game

A quarterback with luscious locks of hair rolls out to the right and drops a dime into the end zone for a touchdown in a playoff game. That sounds a lot like Clemson's Trevor Lawrence or maybe Tom Brady back in the day, right?

Nope. It's Brynna Nixon, the female quarterback who threw touchdown pass in her high school's playoff game. She not only set records in the state of Washington for her monumental pass, but she also went viral and even met Russell Wilson.

In today's day and age where women are proving they belong between the sidelines just as much as the boys, Nixon is Exhibit A that girls aren't limited to specialist positions like kicker.

Brynna Nixon Touchdown Pass

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That's Brynna Nixon, the backup quarterback for the varsity team at Fife High School in Tacoma, Washington. She was more than ready when head coach Kent Nevin called on her name in a playoff game against Clover Park in 2019.

Nixon rolled out to her right, uncorked a pass off-balanced and dropped it perfectly into the hands of teammate Elias Faitala. She fired the touchdown pass from about the 25-yard line.

Nixon's historic score made her the first girl in Fife High School history to throw a touchdown pass. It was believed to be the first touchdown pass by a female quarterback in Washington state history.

Nevin said his long-haired quarterback, who's been playing since the third grade, is no publicity stunt.

"She has a passion for it, she's tough as nails, sticks her nose anywhere she wants to and her teammates love her," Nevin told SBLive. "She's no holds barred. She's not afraid to get hit. She's been hit."

Nixon's name began to swirl on social media after the clip went viral. She met professional athletes like Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and was given some gear. Hopefully she got throw alongside him.

Unfortunately, Nixon's football career appeared to have stopped in high school. She committed to Marquette University to play lacrosse, where she can continue to shine on the field.

"I'm so grateful to continue my athletic and academic career at Marquette University!" she said in a release.

All I have to say is "darn." Judging from that pass, Brynna Nixon could've possibly went on to play for some college football team. It's about time we change that silly trophy's name to the Heiswoman.

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