Tom Brady

Tom Brady Almost Retires the Day After Finally Reaching His NFL Goal

No matter what, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady always delivers. He throws perfect footballs to wide receivers on the football field and moving golf carts. He provides joy to the fans who love him. Oh, and he has five Super Bowl rings and a few records to make many consider him the greatest football player of all time.

But do you know what Tom Brady is not great at? Running the football. Now, he does have an obscure record of most yards lost due to kneel downs, but, man, he just doesn't have the wheels compared to what the likes of Cam Newton and Russell Wilson display on the gridiron.

However, nobody can talk anymore noise about the 41-year-old signal caller because he just entered the elite 1,000-yard rushing yards club when the Patriots beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

It just took him nearly 19 seasons under Bill Belichick to get it done.

Want something funnier?

CBS took a hilarious jab at Brady during the broadcast titled "Run Tommy, Run" which features some guy named Barry Sanders and superfan Terrell Davis. It played shortly after his five-yard scramble to earn a first down in the first quarter.

Want something even funnier?

Brady took a knee forward at the end of the game, just so he didn't lose another yard and fall below that 1,000 career rushing yards.

So after all of that, the 6-foot-4 Brady, the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player and 13-time Pro Bowl selection, is tired. He's accomplished everything there is to do in football and he decided to retire after the career milestone... for a few seconds.

"What's up? Nine and three. But you know what? The only reason I've been playing 19 years was to get to that 1,000 yards and I did it. So that's it! I'm out! Time to ride off into the sunset. Nah, gotta get back to work." — Tom Brady

Never change, Tom. Never change.

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