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Tom Brady's New Yacht Costs More Than His First 5 NFL Salaries Combined

Tom Brady built his career as a New England Patriot. But when he moved from Boston to Florida after the 2019 season, he went from Patriot to pirate with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, Captain Tom is the most feared scallywag in the Gulf of Mexico.

Brady's fleet is growing. According to TMZ, he's owned a 55-footer since 2020, as seen during Tampa Bay's waterfront Super Bowl parade. That was the Wajer 55S, but the quarterback has recently upgraded to a new 77-foot yacht from the Dutch ship maker. What's the deal with Brady's boats, and how much coin has he dropped on them?

Tom Brady's Yachts

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Tom Brady has been an NFL Super Bowl MVP since 2001. But when he bought his first yacht in 2020, he became MVP of the yachting game as well.

Brady dropped $2 million on a Wajer 55S luxury yacht in February 2020. Brady has a good relationship with Wajer managing director Dries Wajer (which sounds suspiciously like 'Dries Water') and was able to test out the smaller Wajer 38S before buying the larger and more luxurious 55S model.

The Wajer 55S is what Brady was captaining during the Bucs Super Bowl LV boat parade. It's the same boat he famously threw the Vince Lombardi trophy off of, only to be caught by his favorite target and teammate, the exuberant Rob Gronkowski.

Yacht names are generally colorful and personal to the captain. Brady's is no different. Brady named his vessel Viva a Vida, the same name as his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen's environmental conservation initiative to plant trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The steel blue ship has been Tom's favorite toy since arriving in Tampa Bay. He takes Gisele and the kids to the Bahamas in the yacht for weekend trips, where they explore colorful coral reefs and relax in the sun.

The Bradys even spent Christmas and New Year's Eve on the yacht. But after a year of relaxing on the 55S and winning yet another Super Bowl, Brady decided it was time for an upgrade. When Dies Wajer announced that Wajer Yachts planned to build an even larger model in 2021, the Wajer 77S, Brady called an audible and upgraded.

How Much is Tom Brady's Yacht Worth?

One Super Bowl MVP is not enough for Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, nor is one world championship. The theme of his new Wajer is "The World is Not Enough," the motto of James Bond's family and the title of the 1999 film starring Pierce Brosnan. The Wajer 77S prototype bears the name due to its sleek style and world-class luxury.

The Wajer 77 Yacht comes with some Bond-like tech. Tom Brady's new yacht's decks are cooled, so your feet don't get too hot on a sunny day. The roofs are retractable to adjust airflow in the cockpit. The Wajer 77 can house the entire Brady Bunch in a master suite, junior suite and guest suite with a queen-sized bed. The ship comes standard with a 1200 HP Volvo Penta IPS engine with an available 1350 HP upgrade. It might not be a superyacht like the one owned by Michael Jordan, but the bells and whistles it comes with are pretty incredible.

Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers directs the offense in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers

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There's even space for docking jet skis, housing Seabobs and storing surfboards, as well as plenty of open deck for sunbathing. As the Wajer website states, the yacht has "sun pads to the front, and large sofas and a dining area at the back," giving Brady lots of options. All this on a vessel with a top speed of 37 knots, or about 43 mph. Brady has never been a Cowboy, but he'll cover a range of nautical miles with horses like that.

Brady pre-ordered his Wajer 77S to receive by the end of 2021. It is unclear as of this writing if he has had a chance to play with his new boat yet or not. It's also unknown if Brady plans to sell his 55S or captain both vessels. Here's what is known — he will keep the name the same for both boats, Viva a Vida, and that the Wajer 77S costs an estimated $6 million, according to Forbes.

"I enjoyed the waters of New England, but when we moved to Tampa, with its beautiful bay, I said to myself, 'I need a boat,'" Brady said, via Forbes. "I love what (Wajer Managing Director) Dries Wajer is doing. When we first started working together, I was able to try out a Wajer 38, then I got my Wajer 55S, and now I'm looking forward to continuing my 'captainship' on a Wajer 77...which Dries tells me I'll get before the end of the year."

Those are big bucks, even for the world's most famous Buccaneer.

This article was originally published on October 3, 2021 and has been updated since. 

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