Former MVP Cam Newton walks out of a press conference after reporter’s question Twitter/@SteveReedAP

Cam Newton took quite a bit of heat nationally for his reaction to a female reporter’s question about routes earlier this season, to the point where he even lost major sponsorship dollars. On Wednesday, Newton was back in the news as a result of his actions during a press conference and, while this one is not likely to go quite as viral, the reaction is already pouring in.

The former MVP quarterback received a question from a reporter that included wording about “chunk plays” and Carolina’s offensive ability to produce them on a regular basis. In short, Newton responded derisively with a “next question” and, within seconds, was leaving the podium as another question was being asked of him.

In truth, the question is not one that is easy to answer and that should be noted. Still, Newton could have easily navigated something of a non-answer and moved on to finish the press conference. Instead, he chose to react sharply to the question and leave while other questions were still on the table.

For most players, this would not be covered quite to the same extent but Newton’s history with the media in Charlotte is becoming longer by the week and this isn’t going to go over well as a result.

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