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Will Ferrell Crashes Seahawks Meeting with List of Demands

Someone get Will Ferrell a place in every athletic hall of fame across the United States.

In 2015, Ferrell played five games and all 10 positions (including as a designated hitter) in Major League Baseball's Cactus League during spring training. He's part owner of Los Angeles FC, an MLS franchise in his home state of California. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Ferrell loves his USC Trojans, nearly died leading the team onto the field, and formed close relationships with the football program's iconic figures like current Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

Carroll and Ferrell (I call dibs on that title for my upcoming buddy-cop sitcom) teamed up for numerous pranks over the years — The famous American actor once interrupted Carroll's speech to kick field goals into an auditorium crowd.

Their friendship was on full display again during one of Seattle's virtual team meetings.

As the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 virus continue bogging down the sports world, teams are doing anything and everything to stay in touch and prepare for the upcoming seasons. The Seahawks convened for a Zoom video conference following the 2020 NFL Draft to introduce some of the franchise's newest players.

The first was veteran tight end Greg Olsen, who signed with Seattle after spending his last nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers.

However, there was a special guest pretending to be Olsen.

Will Ferrell Crashes Seattle Seahawks Zoom Call

I know that "Greg Olsen" is a veteran with multiple Pro Bowl selections, but just look at the list of demands he made in his FIRST team meeting:

— Make a baby with quarterback Russell Wilson

— Demanding targets from OC Brian Schottenheimer

— Injecting his own plays to the playbook, including 90-Go-Flywheel Kanye Starburst

— Refusing to block in max protection

— Asking Luke Willson to cut his hair

— Refusing to play special teams for Brian Schneider's units. Ever.

— Playing a max of 12 plays per game, while also broadcasting in the booth

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In classic comedian Will Ferrell action, he made sure to show off "the body of a 36-year-old" that he claims is a full-on "yoga body" to the entire virtual meeting.

The real Greg Olsen couldn't help but laugh like the rest of us.

Ferrell played a youth soccer coach in Kicking and Screaming. He achieved NASCAR perfection with Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. He was an Olympic figure skater in Blades of Glory, an amateur basketball player-coach-owner in Semi-Pro, and still owns the best Harry Caray impersonation from his Saturday Night Live days.

Ferrell is a great many things, but with a body like that, perhaps NFL player shouldn't be one of them.

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