XFL tweets out clear shot at the NFL ahead of the Super Bowl


It didn't take Vince McMahon's XFL long to stir the pot. On Super Bowl Sunday, prior to the game, the official league Twitter account tweeted out clear shot at the NFL.

Here is the beautiful footage:

Obviously, that is poking fun at the NFL for both having replays and for them taking a few days before an official ruling is made. Also of note, unless this was merely a random joke, it appears as though the XFL will not have replay.

The XFL has an uphill climb facing it, even if clever tweets are sent out at the expense of the NFL.


When McMahon announced the return of a league that failed after just one season, he touched on the following:

  • The XFL will consist of eight teams, 10-game regular season, semi-finals and title game.
  • There will be no crossover whatsoever between the WWE and XFL.
  • McMahon will hire experienced executives who "know what they're doing."
  • Launch of XFL has nothing to do with NFL's struggles, according to McMahon.
  • The XFL will launch in late January, early February of 2020.
  • McMahon plans to make XFL "as safe as possible."
  • McMahon said this will be a "faster" football game vs. what everyone is accustomed to.
  • The XFL will likely target areas where NFL teams already exist.
  • McMahon noted character of athletes will be key, so even if they have a DUI, athletes will not be allowed to play in the XFL.

Don't be shocked if the XFL continues to take digs at the NFL. It took a similar approach in 2010.

(H/T Raj Prashad)