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"Shoresy" May Never Lose Again: Jared Keeso's "Letterkenny" Hockey Spin-Off is Perfect


Do you hate hockey? If yes, then you can stop reading.

Do you love hockey? If yes, you can also stop reading.

Why do we ask? Because we're going to be discussing Hulu's new show "Shoresy" about a Senior League Hockey Team in Ontario. Obviously, this is not a show for the former group. But we also aren't looking to talk with hockey lovers here either.

"Shoresy" is through and through a hockey show. If you love hockey, you'll love this show. Frankly, I'm surprised if you're a hockey lover and haven't already watched the first season of "Shoresy" multiple times.


Instead, we want to focus on how "Shoresy" is a perfect show for the casual hockey fan. Do you like hockey, but couldn't name the second line center for the Minnesota Wild? We're looking at you here. Do you have a favorite team, but only really get involved when said team makes the NHL playoffs? Perfect, let's roll. Do you know who Wayne Gretzky is, but more so as Paulina's dad? That's okay, we're going to cover it all.

What, or Who, is Shoresy?

A shot from the Hulu Series "Shoresy" and Jared Keeso posing with Don Cherry

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Shoresy is both created and played by Jared Keeso, who has the hockey credentials to be the hero of our story. He played junior hockey in Canada growing up, which for the US audience is like how American high school students do things like eat food and breathe air.

Keeso's early acting career also showcased his hockey acumen as he played Don Cherry in two separate TV movies about the former NHL coach and commentator. Keeso also played "Hockey Player #2" in an episode of "Life as We Know It" with Marguerite Moreau (or as you know her, Connie from "The Mighty Ducks").

His big break came when he created the show "Letterkenny," in which he plays the main character, farmer Wayne. The show features several distinct groups of people in the small Canadian town, including the players of the local hockey team. The main players in the show are Reilly and Jonesy, but unfortunately for them, there's another player we see semi-regularly.


This is Shoresy.

We don't know Shoresy's first name. We don't know what he does outside of playing hockey. We never see his face (which is because Keeso also plays him).

He's foul-mouthed.

He's misogynistic.


He's sleeping with his teammates' moms.

He's basically what you might imagine Eric Cartman grew up to be if he was super into the Colorado Avalanche.

So why should you watch a show all about him? Glad you asked.

The Beauty That is Shoresy

A shot from the trailer of Hulu's "Shoresy

Screenshot from YouTube

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While Shoresy is a fan favorite on "Letterkenny," he was also seen sporadically. He only has appeared in 15 of the series' 68 episodes. This has kept the character from being overplayed and made every appearance that much more exciting.

A main concern for the spin-off was would the character feel run into the ground if he was forced to carry his own show. Luckily, the answer is a resounding no.

Diving deeper into Shoresy's background and personality illuminates what makes him tick. A character that seemed like a total psychopath in "Letterkenny" turns into a hero for the Sudbury Bulldogs and you can't help but root for him in "Shoresy." This is all credit to Keeso's writing and acting as he's made this grown-up Cartman someone you'd want to hang out with, not just keep your mother away from.

Keeso is also joined by a slew of fantastic performers like Blair Lamora, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat (who plays Sanguinet), Camille Sullivan, Keilani Rose, Keegan Long, Bourke Cazabon and Ryan McDonell in the "Letterkenny" spin-off. Keeso also employs former hockey players like three-time Stanley Cup champion Jordan Nolan, Jon "Nasty" Mirasty, Terry Ryan, Brandon Nolan and Jonathan-Ismael Diaby (who plays Dolo) to keep the series feeling true to life and add a veteran presence to the hockey sequences. And if there's one thing you can easily give the show credit for, it's putting indigenous characters in the spotlight.


What You Should Expect from the "Letterkenny" Spin-Off

We don't want to spoil even an ounce of any of the six episodes in this wonderful show, but here are just some highlights of what you'll learn about Shoresy throughout this first season:

  • His love for the sport and winning.
  • An explanation for his interest in older women, and a love interest, who shares what are arguably the show's best scenes with Shoresy.
  • The code he has with his teammates and why he feels it's okay to say the outrageously hurtful things he does.
  • His childhood (that's all we'll share, it's that good).

The show also has several cameos from "Letterkenny" actors. "Letterkenny" fans will also be excited to see Jacob Tierney pop in as well as the return of JJ Frankie JJ, as Max Bouffard steps into more of a leading role. It should also be mentioned that Shoresy's team's General Manager, Nat, played by Tasya Teles, has a speech in the final episode about hockey players that should be included in all-time sports monologues from here on out.

If you hate hockey, this show won't make you love it. If you love it, this show likely won't make you love it more.


But for the group of people who just like hockey, this show might push you over the edge into super fan territory. You just need to be sure you're okay with hearing a few salty words on your journey there. It's more HBO than Disney if you catch my drift.

Simply put: "Shoresy" is a show that may never lose again.

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