WWE SmackDown Live results: Owens-Orton main event, dissension between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon?

A big show from the Blue Brand on Tuesday night.

WWE SmackDown Live was broadcast from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky at 8:00PM on November 28, 2017.

SmackDown Live main event: Kevin Owens def. (pin) Randy Orton (with Sami Zayn banned from ringside)

First off, does Orton have hair plugs?!?

OK, back to the actual match. It's a no-DQ so you know what that means, weapons!

From the start of the match, we see Randy Orton attack Owens with a kendo stick and just before we go to break, Owens takes advantage. Coming back from the break, we see Owens and Orton slug it out and showing some great physicality. The ringside area was destroyed and after going to the outside of the ring an around the stage, they come back onto the ramp and guess who shows up? Sami Zayn!

After helping Owens, KO gets Randy back into the ring and after an attempted RKO fails, KO hits Randy with a frog splash and gets the victory.

The New Day def. (pin) Gable/Benjamin aka "American Beta"

I really enjoyed this match! The chemistry between the New Day, Usos along with the duo of Gable and Benjamin is really amazing, especially when you think about how one of the teams still has the "new car smell" phase to them.

With the Usos sitting ringside, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston bested Gable and Benjamin to make Smackdown Live a three-tag team division. I hope this eventually leads to a tag-team triple threat in the future.

AJ Styles def. (pin) The Singh Bros.

Even before the match, AJ is attacked by Jinder Mahal and is tossed out of the ring before we go to break. I mean, did you really think they'd do this straight up and not have AJ battle some adversity along the way? After using cheap 2-on-1 tactics when the match actually started, AJ fights his way through the match and even gives us an avalanche styles clash to pick up the victory.

After the match, Jinder Mahal attempted to attack Styles again but AJ Escapes. So instead of attacking AJ, Jinder attacks his two lackeys further sewing the seeds of the eventual breakup.

Riot Squad def. (pin) Naomi, Charlotte, and Natalya

Unlike Monday Night Raw, we're actually gonna have this match.

After attacking the three vets last week, the trio of Naomi, Charlotte, and Nattie look to exact their revenge vs. Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. After going at it with Riot, Natalya decides that this is below her pay grade and leaves the match to go watch her cats on Instagram.

Meanwhile back in the ring, The queen of the ring and the queen of the glow take on the youngsters and things get crazy rather quickly. While trying to get the tag from Charlotte, Naomi is attacked by Morgan and Logan in what is best described as a Nexus-like destruction of Naomi.

Back in the ring, we see Riott get the pin on Charlotte to pick up her first victory on the main roster. The ladies of SD Live are officially on notice.

Best of the rest of SmackDown Live

  • The top of the show gives us more Shane v. D. Bry drama, as Shane was upset at the decisions that Bryan made on last week's show. Eventually, this storyline will start to pick up steam, just wait for it.
  • Big E served breakfast to The Usos, I'm not sure I can describe what happened but just know it was hilariously uncomfortable.

  • Bludgeon Bros. def. (via pinfall) Hype Bros and after the match, Mojo Rawley attacks Zack Ryder thus giving us the breakup of the Hype Bros. I for one, will not miss them jobbing at all.

  • Breezango did another Fashion Files video, the angle is getting kinda meh. Wrap it up!


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