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Vince McMahon officially announces plans to start professional football league


Vince McMahon's version of professional football is back.

Years after the failure of the XFL, McMahon will make another go at professional football.

  • McMahon said he will give the football back to fans. McMahon asks fans what they would do if they could re-create football.
  • Commercial breaks, halftime, etc will be under discussion. McMahon said it will be shorter, faster paced and family-friendly.
  • The XFL will consist of eight teams, 10-game regular season, semi-finals and title game.
  • McMahon said despite the creation of the XFL, he will continue to be the chairman and CEO of the WWE.
  • He also said there will be no crossover whatsoever between the WWE and XFL.
  • McMahon will hire experienced executives who "know what they're doing."
  • Launch of XFL has nothing to do with NFL's struggles, according to McMahon.
  • The XFL will launch in late January, early February.
  • McMahon plans to make XFL "as safe as possible."
  • McMahon said he has no idea if President Trump will have any involvement, but the XFL will not touch on political issues.
  • McMahon said this will be a "faster" football game vs. what everyone is accustomed to.
  • The XFL will likely target areas where NFL teams already exist.
  • McMahon noted character of athletes will be key, so even if they have a DUI, athletes will not be allowed to play in the XFL.

McMahon filed paperwork to sell $100 million stock in WWE, funding Alpha Entertainment to start the professional football league.

Started in 2001, the XFL lasted just one season.

In his return to football, there have been reports that McMahon could consider selling the company, as FOX is reportedly hovering with interest.

Via a report from PWInsider, WWE's production team has been working on video packages geared towards promoting the impending return of the XFL. Moreover, that the return of the defunct league is scheduled for 2020.