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LeBron James' Car Collection Includes These Awesome Supercars

Lebron James has an insane car collection filled with tons of super cars and luxury cars

LeBron James has been a legend in the NBA for quite some time now. His talent as a basketball player has led to incredible success and turned him into a true MVP both on and off the court. They call him "King James" for a reason. Not just because he's at the top of his game, but the guy has king-like riches to back it up.

Now, we love looking at celebrity cars, and with all of LeBron's wealth, he's bound to have some unique whips in his garage. Let's take a look at a few of the rides in the iconic LeBron James car collection, and see what kinds of supercars and luxury cars the Los Angeles Lakers star has accumulated over the years.

Ferrari F430 Spider

LeBron has no shortage of Ferrari supercars. Not only does he own this F430, but he also has a Ferrari 599 and a beautiful Ferrari 458 Spider. This F430 is powered by a V8 over the traditional V12 engine and makes around 500 horsepower. He's been seen in this car quite a few times, and it's likely one of his favorite cars based on how often he drives it. This Ferrari is definitely a head-turner, and it seems to be a great fit for the star player.


Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

This tricked-out Lamborghini Aventador also falls in the category of one of LeBron's favorite cars. He's got this supercar wrapped in some crazy colors. He even collaborated with Nike and created a shoe to match the car's color scheme. This ride makes north of 700 horsepower and is guaranteed to scare most people once he puts his foot to the floor. Everyone needs a Lamborghini, right?

Chevrolet Impala

This 1975 Chevy Impala is really clean. Although the '75 wasn't as popular as say the '69 Impala, it was still a pretty cool ride. It's not likely to be one that he drives on a daily basis, however, it's a good reminder that LeBron doesn't only go and buy the newest cars from the showroom floor. You've got to respect a love of the classics.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Of course, the NBA star needs some cars to roll around comfortably in. Other than the Phantom, he's also got the Maybach 57S, a few Mercedes-Benz cars, a Porsche Panamera, and a Range Rover SUV. All of those are pretty luxurious, but this Rolls-Royce definitely takes the cake. This car was actually reported to be a gift from none other than Shaquille O'Neal. Sheesh, where are my friends at? I need a new Phantom as well!

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The Phantom is powered by a massive V12 engine, and it rides as smooth as silk. You wouldn't have one of these unless you've really made it in life, so it seems like a perfect match for LeBron.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

This one goes into the category of one of the cars that LeBron probably forgot he even owned. I mean, with all the other rides to choose from, it's not that surprising. The Chevy Camaro SS was a sweet car, but he's also got a faster Dodge Challenger SRT for when he wants a ride in a more modern muscle car.

The SS came with a big Chevy V8 engine and sure does pack a punch, especially for the price. Although it's one of the cheaper cars in his collection, I'm sure he gets his use out of it every now and then.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Just in case the star ever wants to take some time driving off-road, he's added a top-spec Wrangler to his collection as well. It's one of the nicest and most decked-out Jeeps you can get, but then again, that's kind of how this guy rolls. It's not reported to be seen driven by James very often, but it's good to know that he shows some interest in the Wrangler lineup. They really are some capable vehicles if you put them to the test.

We only touched on a few cars that LeBron James owns, but I can assure you, the superstar basketball player has got plenty more stored away. This impressive collection is worth millions of dollars. LeBron has a net worth of around $480 million, so the guy can literally buy whatever he wants and it won't hurt him too bad.

Overall, I like his style, he sports a lot of unique cars and even mixes in a few that the average person has the ability to get their hands on.

Which one of these rides was your favorite?

This post was originally published on April 28, 2020.

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