Phillip Nelson

This Wild No-Look Pass Proves the AAF is Just Ridiculous


Whether you like it or not, the Alliance of American Football is here. From former college stars to computer footballs, there is at least one thing for every gridiron fan to enjoy. It's not nearly as entertaining as the NBA All-Star Game, but, hey, February football is February football, and there's even some plays that will make your jaw drop and eyes roll in a matter of a few seconds.

Look, the AAF is far from perfect. It's not really even that exciting yet. But what happened during Sunday's game between the San Diego Fleet and Atlanta Legends will at least cause some sort of reaction, whether it's a laugh or a groan in disgust.

Remember quarterback Philip Nelson, who played college football for Minnesota and East Carolina? Well, he's in the AAF and made the most ridiculous play of the league's young life.

Completely flushed out of the pocket, Nelson ran for dear life, looking downfield for anyone to throw it to. However, he was caught and all he seemingly could do was either throw it away or take a vicious sack.


Instead, Nelson channeled his inner-Patrick Mahomes, threw the ball over his head like a wedding bouquet and found Fleet tight end Gavin Escobar for one of the craziest completions you'll see.

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What San Diego Fleet quarterback Philip Nelson did was completely reckless, especially in a tie game midway through the third quarter. Let's just say it didn't exactly please his coach, Mike Martz, following the game, and rightfully so.

Not only did Nelson blindly throw the ball over his shoulders with two hands, Escobar, the former Dallas Cowboys tight end, was covered by two people.


There is no way this should have ever worked on a football field, but it did. He might as well have been wearing this cheap yellow sleep mask the entire play.

"Yeah, we are going to talk about that. We're going to have a long discussion about that. Yeah, not pleased at all. I'm not pleased. I'm not pleased. No."

-- San Diego Fleet head coach Mike Martz

The San Diego Fleet ended up beating the Atlanta Legends 24-12, so Martz has to be happy about some things. The pass was just not going to be one of them, despite getting the attention of football fans everywhere, including NFL MVP and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes' no-look pass is still more impressive, especially since it happened in the NFL and not an AAF game, but it takes a lot of guts to throw a no-look backward pass and hope something good happens.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Alliance of American Football. It's ridiculous, but at least some people are enjoying some football after the Super Bowl.


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