Batter Hilariously Introduces Himself in Epic Walk-Up
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In baseball, the walk-up is a time for batters to get psyched. You collect your thoughts, take a few cuts and eye the pitcher before stepping into the batter’s box?it’s all part of the process.

At your home ballpark, the walk-up involves your favorite song blasting and the PA announcer introducing you for all to hear. It’s like a wrestler stepping into the ring.

Savanna Bananas catcher Bill Leroy decided to handle his own introduction in epic fashion.

Bill Leroy’s Epic Self-Intro Walk-Up

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First it’s important to introduce the Savannah Bananas. The Bananas are members of the Coastal Plain League, a 16-team wood-bat league made up of college baseball players.

The Bananas are a bit different. Yes, their mascot would be delicious on a sundae. But, to the Bananas, baseball is all about show business, baby. They basically invented a new way to play the game. You can always count on having a good time at Grayson Stadium.


The ‘Naners love to amp up games any way they can. What better way to energize a random July game than to let your catcher introduce himself to the good people of Savannah? I can’t think of any.

LeRoy grabs the microphone on the way to the plate:

“Ladies and gentleman, get your hands together. (He starts clapping to the “The Stroke” by Billy Squier.) Now hitting, from the big town of Dublin, Georgia, No. 1, University of North Georgia alumni, MYYYSELF, Bill Leroy!”

He holds the follow-through after he tosses the mic back to the dugout. The crowd goes bananas.

A glorious walk up like Bill’s has to be followed up with a glorious at-bat, right? If glorious is getting walked, Bill Leroy delivered.

The Bananas ended up beating the Lexington County Blowfish 9-2. Leroy’s self-introductory walk up was by far the highlight of the night.

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