Baseball Player’s “Shotgun” Home Run Celebration Leaves Him Soaking Wet
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There are few feelings as good as crushing a home run.

Cranking one out of the ballpark is a cause for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to shotgun a beer as soon as you cross home plate?

One player on the Northwoods League’s Kalamazoo Growlers saw an opportunity to put this into practice. Only in his case, because he’s underage, he used an energy drink.

Baseball Player’s “Shotgun” Home Run Celebration

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Growlers outfielder Nolan McCarthy smokes a home run. His veins are pumping with so much adrenaline the only thing that can calm him down is an energy drink.

He doesn’t just cross home plate. He stomps on it, and immediately receives an energy drink. He cracks it on his spikes, gives it one big gulp and tosses it to the side.


The only problem: 95 percent of the drink didn’t make it into his mouth. It traveled directly down his jersey.

Now, I got out the energy drink and baseball rule books to compare notes. Party fouls translate to a week’s worth of buying post-game nachos for the boys. I double checked.

Given the Northwoods League is a summer league for college baseball players, McCarthy, who plays for the University of Kentucky, should be a seasoned pro. You’re telling me they don’t run shotgunning-energy-drinks-after-hitting-home-run drills in Lexington? Do we need to reevaluate the program?


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the effort, though. It’s always good to see guys having fun out there, and playing summer baseball is the ultimate venue for guys to be dudes. His teammates loved it. The Internet loved it. McCarthy loved it. For any person who hates seeing a perfectly cold drink go to waste, we lost a good one out there.

I’m sure the 5 percent he was able to get down tasted like sweet victory.

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