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Hilarious Little League Announcer Roasts Players During Plate Introductions

There wasn't a day that went by when I was in little league that I didn't love it. Best friends everywhere you look in the dugout. Bubble gum and sunflower seeds for lunch. Mom stocking your cooler with ice-cold Gatorades. All while playing the greatest sport on Earth.

Nobody can forget the role our dads played in little league either. Mine happened to be my batting practice partner and tee-ball pitcher. For others, like this one (assuming he's a father) manning the team PA system, he found a way to crack jokes at the expense of his own players during their walk-ups at a baseball game.

No one is offended, though. The whole field laughs along with this hilarious youth baseball announcer who just can't stop roasting these 12-year-olds.

Youth Baseball Announcer Roasts Kids

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I don't know who this dude is, but he could probably put together a pretty awesome stand-up special.

One by one, the kids on his team step to the plate to get hilariously insulted and humiliated. It's all in good fun. Here are some of the best:

"Up first for the Athletics, he bats leadoff and he plays shortstop because he's the coach's kid, but really he sucks."

"He doesn't just suck at baseball. He sucks at football, basketball and soccer, too."

"He has a five-hundred dollar bat but he can't hit shhh-anything."

"Here comes another ground ball right back to the pitcher."

"He has more participation trophies than any other little leaguer on the planet."

"Mr. Struggle, Mr. Choke, Mr. Gag all wrapped up in one player."

If you ask me, that last one is gold. This announcer is probably just saying out loud what every other parent in the stands is already thinking. The kids seem to enjoy it as well.

I'm not sure this type of thing would fly in the NCAA or MLB, but wouldn't it be quite the entertainment for an announcer to try and insult Mike Trout somehow?

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