Charles Barkley has spoken. The best college basketball team in the country is the University of Alabama, even if it hurst Chuck to say.
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"The Best Team in the Country": Charles Barkley Drops Truth Bomb About Alabama Hoops

A tiger doesn't change its stripes, but sometimes an Auburn Tiger can't run from a stone-cold fact. That's exactly what happened when Charles Barkley was asked who the best college basketball team in the country was. Being the unbiased and fair basketball analyst that he is, Chuck swallowed his pride and put college rivalries aside and said what most of us have known for months.

Charles Barkley: "Alabama's the Best Team in the Country, And It's Painful for Me to Say"

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In a segment for "The Next Round Live," Auburn hoops legend Charles Barkley thwarted the AP Poll rankings and gave his own take on who the top team in the country is.

"Alabama's the best team in the country. Honestly. I've watched them play probably four times. They're the best team."

Nate Oats' Crimson Tide team has had a great season so far, even with some serious off-the-court distractions. As the Tide heads towards the NCAA Tournament, the key will be consistent play and staying hot. But with the rest of the SEC stumbling into 2023, aside from Texas A&M and Tennessee, it's possible Oats and the Tide can bring a second SEC title back to Tuscaloosa before making a deep tournament run. However, as we've seen in the past, that is certainly easier said than done.

Charles Barkley Slams a dunk during an SEC game between Georgia and Auburn.

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Alabama sits at No. 4 in the AP Rankings at the time of Chuck's comments. Purdue, Houston and Kansas all sit above the Tide, but as Chuck makes clear, there's an argument to be made for Alabama to take the top spot.

"Houston's right there with them, but they beat Houston. But, just off the top of my head, Alabama's the best team in the country, and that's painful for me to say."

Speaking on behalf of all Auburn basketball fans out there, we agree Charles. It certainly is a painful thing to hear as well.

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