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Basketball Cop Embarrasses High Schooler in Front of His Classmates

No matter where you live, or where you travel, it's easy to find out how much ball is life.

Great players come in all shapes and sizes. They don't even have to be wearing basketball shorts, either.

At Strawberry Crest High School in Dover, Florida, a police officer still dressed in his uniform got busy and got buckets on one of the students.

Florida Cop Embarrasses High School Student

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It's uncertain which men's league team the cop plays for, but it's probably safe to say he fills up the stat sheet when he's not on duty.

Once he gathers full control of the ball at the top of the key, the officer gives a hard fake like he is about to chuck the ball at the defender's head. Then, he crosses it over quickly from right to left, crosses it back, gives a little hesitation dribble with another crossover before making his finishing move.

After putting the ball behind his back, the cop pulls it back with a nice step-back move and launches an 18-footer that rattles home.

At any gym, on any given day, this can happen to anyone. There's undoubtedly someone being shown up, somewhere, right this very moment.

It's just not often you see a police officer still in uniform giving the business with strong handles to a student with over at least 50 students on hand to witness and record it.

Say what you want about the social media era, and how addicting it is for today's youth, but, without it, this type of video doesn't exist and we never would have known that one time a local youth hooper got embarrassed by a police officer.

This post was originally published on November 5, 2018.

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