Morgan Freeman
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If You Thought Morgan Freeman Was Awesome Before, He’s Even Cooler After This

If you had the choice of anyone in history to narrate your life story, there's no doubt Morgan Freeman would be at the very top of the list. If he's not, well, he definitely should be. The man is a living legend, his voice is nothing short of iconic, and what he did at the Ole Miss Rebels basketball game earlier this week is further proof of how awesome he really is.

The last two games at The Pavilion at Ole Miss have certainly sparked headlines. Several players knelt during the national anthem before taking on the Georgia Bulldogs in late February. Fans then threw trash onto the court during a tough loss to the Tennessee Volunteers a few days later. That left the door wide open for Senior Night against the Kentucky Wildcats.

However, there was nothing controversial about this one for Ole Miss. Sure, Kermit Davis' Rebels lost 80-76 to John Calipari's Wildcats, but that was to be expected. What 81-year-old Morgan Freeman did, however, was the highlight of the night.

As Ole Miss senior Terence Davis Jr. took one final lap around Craddock Court to thank Rebels fans, Freeman, who was sitting courtside for Tuesday night's game, waited in the tunnel to give the 6-foot-4 star guard a hug. Talk about a memorable sendoff.

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Freeman is no stranger to Rebels sporting events. He's been to several Ole Miss basketball games and football games in the past. This was definitely a special moment, though.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Freeman moved around a lot during his childhood, but one of those stops was in Greenwood, Mississippi, which is about 140 miles from Oxford. So needless to say, he is familiar The Magnolia State and that Hotty Toddy life at the University of Mississippi.

Even the Kentucky Wildcats were happy to see him.

So while most of us know Morgan Freeman from big Hollywood movies such as The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, and Bruce Almighty just know he is a big sports fan, too.

Morgan Freeman was awesome before. And just when you thought it wasn't possible, he became even cooler now.

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