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Creative Trick Play Turns 300-Pound Lineman Into a Bowling Ball

The best trick play is one the defense never sees coming. Nothing is off limits, not even camouflaging in the end zone like a deer hunter in the woods.

Adding a 300-pound offensive lineman into the mix only makes it 10-times better. Why would anyone expect a dude that big to touch the ball or doing anything athletic?

Back in 2015, the Texas Tech Red Raiders were taking on the Kansas Jayhawks. TTU head coach Kliff Kingsbury had a quarterback named Patrick Mahomes at his disposal, but after a touchdown in the second quarter he decided it was time to get the ball to his 308-pound senior offensive lineman.

Texas Tech Lineman 2-Point Conversion

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First of all, this formation is a wacky one. Similar to what is called the "swinging gate" formation that coaches like Chip Kelly have used, this one is designed with the same intention.

The center looks like he's going to snap the ball through his legs but instead throws it to his side like a rugby player (which is totally legal).

That's where 308-pound offensive lineman Le'Raven Clark is huddled behind his teammates. He took the snap, bolted for the end zone behind blockers, and dove across the goal line for the successful two-point conversion. Who says big men aren't swift on their feet?

Plays like this are why Kingsbury was billed an offensive mastermind and why he was promoted to the NFL to coach the Arizona Cardinals. Even Clark was selected in the NFL Draft and played for the Indianapolis Colts.

This play in particular made ESPN's SportsCenter Top 10 thanks to its creativity and, obviously, the fact that it worked. The Red Raiders went on to win, 30-20, and this trick play was definitely the most memorable moment from the game.

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