The “Belly Flop” Trick Play Created a Convoy of Linemen
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The list of ridiculous, insane and bizarre trick plays that exist in college football are endless. The “Little Giants” fake field goal will take you back to your childhood, while variations of the “Statue of Liberty” or the “Hidden Human” trick plays will leave you giddy with excitement.

Fooling defenses is something that NCAA coaches seem to dream of, and it happens pretty much every Saturday. How creative a head coach gets depends on the opponent, the situation and, how versatile his players are.

Campbell University checked all of those boxes when it broke out a hilarious trick play against Wake Forest.

Campbell’s “Belly Flop” Trick Play 

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The Campbell Fighting Camels were a lousy team. They were 0-4 in a year affected by the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak, and they just got ripped apart by the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, 66-14, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Campbell was losing 45-7 in the third quarter when it decided to try a trick play to catch Wake Forest’s defense sleeping and energize its sideline. I’m not sure anyone in the stadium predicted the memorable play that resulted in a 26-yard touchdown for the Camels.

Campbell quarterback Hajj-Malik William took the snap and his entire offensive line belly flopped on the ground, leaving him completely exposed to pass-rushers.

William then fired the ball to wide receiver Mason Donaldson. Donaldson faked like he was going to run, then heaved the ball back to his quarterback-turned-receiver for the play. William had the entire offensive line blocking upfield for him as he waltzed right into the end zone.


That is the one of the most beautifully scripted and designed trick plays I’ve ever seen. Wake Forest’s defense was anything but awake and didn’t even lay a finger on William. The Demon Deacons never even touch anyone with the ball at any point. It reminds me of the infamous “Gator Flop” that was intended for a much different outcome.

I know Wake Forest wound up pummeling Cambell on Friday night. Christian Beal-Smith finished with three rushing touchdowns and Donavon Greene scored a 96-yard kickoff return to help the ACC team win a game for the first time this season.

The highlight of the Campbell-Wake Forest game, though, was this wacky belly flop play that worked to perfection. College football coaches across the country have to be applauding Campbell head coach Mike Minter for this one. Something tells me they may even add it to their playbooks.


This post was originally published on October 5, 2020.

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