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This 275-Pound Touchdown is Exactly What College Football Needed

With 11 ranked teams losing, it's safe to say college football was pretty bonkers this past weekend. The Iowa Hawkeyes were one of the teams that fell on the scoreboard, but head coach Kirk Ferentz won a few more fans Saturday with another trick play for the ages.

Seeing the Hawkeyes in rather insane formations is nothing new. They have done it before during Big Ten Conference play and did it again at Beaver Stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Facing 4th and Goal at the 10-yard line, and with a 5-0 lead in the first quarter that was already pretty strange, Iowa punter Colten Rastetter lined up in the shotgun. He took the snap, flushed out to the right, and surveyed the defense. Then, suddenly, the junior specialist pulled off the highlight of the day against Penn State.

Standing at the 17-yard line, Rastetter let it fly, and senior Sam Brincks, a 6-foot-5, 275-pound defensive end, was there to make a spectacular catch for a touchdown.

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Everyone loves a good big guy touchdown, but this was next level.

Why on Earth was Iowa going for a fake field goal here? Why was the punter the quarterback? Why was a defensive end lined up as a tight end when the Hawkeyes have arguably the two best ones in the country?

Perhaps most importantly, why does New Kirk show up on 4th and Goal on the road so much?

Of course, this is why they call it a trick play. Nobody sitting in the stands or watching from home could have predicted it. But once again, Iowa ran it to perfection against the Nittany Lions.

The throw was on the money, but the catch by Brincks is seriously phenomenal. It's one thing to have a star wide receiver catch the ball over his shoulder, but watching a 275-pound defensive lineman do it is straight wild.

Nothing is off limits for Iowa's special teams unit.

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