Zach Smith
Marvin Fong//The Plain Dealer via AP, File

Fired Ohio State Assistant Blasts Reporters During Unreal Twitter Tirade

Nearly a week ago, former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith was chomping at the bit to share his side of the story. Perhaps most importantly, he was eager to potentially clear his name after being at the epicenter of an expensive investigation and college football's biggest offseason story.

"Can't wait 2 disclose the 2.5 hr "investigative interview I gave 2 the people OSU employed 2 find out if Cch Meyer/Gene Smith did anything wrong," Smith tweeted on August 23. "Questions were bizarre & VERY clear they weren't investigating ANYTHING they were supposed to be... Investigating media backlash."

The wait is over, and it's still going on.

On Wednesday — in the aftermath of Athletic Director Gene Smith getting suspended, and Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer being suspended three games by the Ohio State University Board of Trustees following an investigation into what Meyer knew and did with domestic abuse allegations involving Smith and his ex-wife, Courtney Smith, in 2015 — the former receivers coach, who was fired in late July, unleashed a barrage of Tweets to break his silence.

Smith's main point of attack was against now Stadium reporter Brett McMurphy, who seemingly broke the story wide open with the damning allegations in a Facebook post.

Shortly after, in the middle of what now has nearly 20 original tweets and six other retweets, Smith disclosed even more of his side of the story.

Smith even fired back at those who did not take too kind to his original tweets.

Going back to Smith's first tweet of this tirade, the one with a Facebook link, has his mother, Lynn Bruce, blasting Meyer for what he should have said at the infamous press conference following the announcement of his suspension.

This has all gotten completely out of hand. The statements, the rally outside Ohio Stadium, the investigation, the punishments, it is all over.

There is no way to erase the past month, and even if Smith deletes those tweets, the content he posted won't go away.

No matter what, threatening to sue a reporter and lashing out at critics on social media is likely the worst possible thing to do during a time when pretty much everyone else wants it to be over.

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